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Online Tests and Quizzes

IMPORTANT: The page below was produced prior to the impact of COVID-19 on online assessment for 2020. A dedicated hub page has been created to assist staff with preparing for online assessment for summer 2020 with updated guides specific to the current situation. The information on the page below is preserved as reference and will be revised after the current situation passes. Please refer to the Online Assessment - Summer 2020 hub page for the latest guidance on online assessment options in Blackboard for summer 2020.


On this page:


You can support assessment practices with your students using frequent, low-stakes online tests in Blackboard. You can create a quiz with questions - such as multiple choice or fill in the blank - that are graded automatically or you can create a test which includes short answer questions which you can grade manually. You can then analyse the results of a test to get detailed statistics which you can use to identify issues with students' understanding which you can address in your tutorials and lectures.

Benefits for Teaching & Learning

You can use online tests in Blackboard to:

  • Create continuous assessment opportunities
  • Provide students with detailed formative feedback on their responses
  • Build a pool of questions which you can reuse across your modules
  • Support academic integrity by randomising questions
  • Analyse results to identify gaps in student learning

Quick Guides

There are four stages to using online tests in Blackboard. Click on the links below to view quick guides with the eLearning team's recommended settings for each stage. More detailed guides are available in the Additional Resources section.


Accessibility Features: You can use Test Availability Exceptions to give additional time or change the availability of tests to students who require this.


Online Tutorials

Additional Resources

Below are additional resources on the different features and settings of online tests in Blackboard.