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Designing & Creating Videos for a Flipped Classroom


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The goal of the flipped classroom model is to engage students in active learning during class time and to encourage them to take more responsibility for their own learning. In a typical non-flipped course, information transfer occurs during lectures and after each lecture students assimilate the information by studying notes and completing tasks. Under the flipped classroom model, the knowledge transfer component occurs before the lecture as students engage with online material – typically a combination of videos and quizzes. Lecture time is then used for active learning activities such as problem solving, peer learning and in-class polling. Lecture time is thus used to help students consolidate and apply what they have learnt in order to clarify concepts and clarify misconceptions.

The video below gives an overview of how the School of Biochemistry & Immunology implemented a flipped classroom approach in their BY2201 (Cell Structure & Function) module for approx. 300 students.

Benefits of the Flipped Classroom for Teaching & Learning

Some of the benefits of the flipped classroom reported in the literature* relate to:

  • Increased depth of learning
  • Improved remediation
  • Knowledge retention
  • Ease of access to materials for revision
  • Analytics available to the lecturer
  • Improved outcomes

*The application of the flipped classroom is still relatively new within higher education so its efficacy will vary depending on context.

Online Tutorials

There are a number of different elements to the flipped classroom. The interactive flipped classroom model below gives an overview of the different components while the video covers how to prepare your content and record your video using Panopto within Blackboard.

1. Designing & Creating Flipped Classroom Videos 2. The Flipped Classroom Model


Quick Guides to Creating Videos for a Flipped Classroom

There are four stages to creating videos for a flipped classroom. Click on the links below to view quick guides with the eLearning team's recommended settings for each stage of creating a video using Panopto in Blackboard. You can also view our video overview (7 minutes) which covers the process of designing & creating videos for a flipped classroom. More detailed guides are available in the Additional Resources section.

Additional Resources

Below are additional resources for staff who require further details on the flipped classroom & Panopto. The IT Services Panopto pages contain resources on using Panopto for other uses such as lecture capture and streaming.