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Workshops & Webinars

Academic Practice supports the professional development of academic staff and those supporting teaching and learning in Trinity throughout their career.  We offer a wide variety of workshops, consultancies and events in academic practice showcasing best practice in Trinity through seminars and discussion fora led by academics from within the disciplines. 


Scholarship in Teaching and Learning: Positioning your paper for Publication - Academic Practice lunchtime event

Friday August 13th 2021, 13:00 - 14:00

Academic Practice is delighted to welcome Dr Aileen Barrett, editor-in-chief of The Clinical Teacher this August 2021. Aileen is a specialist in health professions education and supervises research projects in clinical education at NUI Galway. Dr Barrett led the national development of Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) for GP training and is a member of EXQUISITE, the European Center of Excellence in Qualitative Inquiry and Study in Training and Education (for health). Aileen’s seminar focuses on positioning work for publication. Participants will be supported to develop strategies to best respond to review comments and to develop insight into the submission and peer review process.

Please register here.

Thinking about Publication in Teaching and Learning  - Academic Practice lunchtime event

Friday 16 July 2021, 13:00-13:45 

The past year has required colleagues involved in higher education to devote substantial time and effort to adapting their teaching and learning, a process that has driven a great deal of reflection about best practices in teaching and learning. This process has also generated both demand and opportunities for high quality research in the fields of teaching and learning, as educators seek to ground their practice in approaches that are informed by clear and consistent theoretical principles, and that builds on evidence drawn from the practical experiences of educators. In this lunchtime event, Moira Maguire (editor of the Journal of the All Ireland Society for Higher Education) and Brendan O’Connell (School of English, TCD) will lead a discussion highlighting opportunities for publication in teaching and learning, followed by a discussion with group participants. All colleagues are warmly invited to participate and to share their perspectives. 

Writing Retreats 2020-21

Academic Practice welcomes you to join one or more of three online ‘writing retreats’ intended to support dissemination/publication in the area of ‘Teaching and Learning' on Fri 18th June, Friday 16th July, and Friday 13th August.

Participating in a structured writing retreat is intended to support academics to ‘block out’ time to work on or complete a piece of academic writing. These three retreat days are intended to support colleagues to disseminate/publish on areas relating to their academic practice (typically teaching and learning).

The retreats are task-oriented and colleagues will be encouraged and supported to identify achievable writing goals and progress through a series of structured writing prompts facilitated by members of the Academic Practice team. We are conscious that finding time and space to write can be challenging and for this reason, we typically suggest participants turn emails off and ‘out of office’ on for the day. 

We anticipate that participants registering for any/all of these retreat days will be working on projects that have already been ‘developed’ (e.g. research/organisation is completed and data analysed in advance). Colleagues considering developing a project or reflection in the area of teaching and learning are encouraged to clarify this at point of registration and/or to contact to discuss ideas for related work in advance of the retreat(s).

Please contact if you are interested in attending the retreat in July or August 2021.   

Webinars/Virtual Clinics 2020-21

Since summer 2020, Academic Practice has been running a series of virtual clinics on Adapting our Teaching for Learning Online. Recordings of all virtual clinics can be found within the Adapting our Teaching for Learning Online Module. Details on how to enrol are here:

Recommended recordings are as follows:

  • Fostering student engagement - virtual clinic focused on enhancing interactivity in digital teaching
  • Assessment - virtual clinic focused on assessment practice and integrity online - 30th June 2020
  • Adapting Lectures for Online Delivery -virtual clinic focused on adapting ‘traditional’ lecture delivery for the online context - 6th October 2020
  • Humanising Remote Teaching & Learning - virtual clinic focused on community building in online teaching - 13th October 2020
  • Adapting our Teaching - general session - 18th November 2020
  • Designing Open-Book Assessments for Remote Contexts (Reports/Essays/Discursive) Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences - 23rd Nov 2020
  • Designing Open-Book Assessments for Remote Contexts (Short-Answer/Calculations) Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - 24th Nov 2020
  • Designing Open-Book Assessments for Remote Contexts (Competency-based/’Performance’) Health Sciences - 25th Nov 2020


National Forum Seminar Series

The National Forum Seminar Series gives those working in higher education the opportunity to connect with colleagues and to focus on shared interests in both the research and practice of teaching and learning enhancement. The series also creates opportunities to hear from national and international experts in different areas of teaching and learning.

Academic Practice Seminars as part of the National Forum Series 2021

Date Event Information

Date: 28th January 2021

Time: 13:00 - 14:00

Venue: Zoom


Scalable Assessment Strategies for Digital Contexts

Facilitator: Professor Diana Laurillard (Professor of Learning with Digital Technology, University College London UCL)

In this interactive workshop/digital seminar, Professor Laurillard will present on the pedagogies of engagement for teaching and learning online, drawing on the now seminal Conversational Framework approach (Laurillard 1993, 2002).

Academic Practice at Trinity is delighted to host Professor Laurillard and is grateful to the National Forum for Teaching and Learning for providing funding supporting the event.

Date: TBC


Venue: Online

Academic Practice, with support from the National Forum Seminar Series, welcomes you to: Adapting to 3rd-level Assessment: Has the Student Voice been Lost in Transition?

Learning Objectives:

  • Inform the ongoing conversation between students, educators, policy makers, and other ‘experts’ by (re)profiling the voice of those students directly impacted by the enforced rapid change in assessment practices
  • Support development of learner agency and assessment literacy in students transitioning into HE and across programme years
  • Inform educational strategies and practices to enable transitioning students, faculty, staff, and institutions to manage assessment in the aftermath of Covid-19
  • Develop learner independence and student co-ownership of learning and assessment

Date: Thursday 8th October

Time:15:00 – 16:00

Venue: MS Teams


Academic Practice, with support from the National Forum Seminar Series, welcomes you to:

Digital professionalism for all those who teach

Facilitator: Dr Cicely Roche, Academic Practice / School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Presenter: Dr Rachel Ellaway, Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences & Director of the Office of Health and Medical Education Scholarship (OHMES), Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary, Canada.

Even though digital technologies have been a part of professional education and practice for several decades, we are still exploring and accommodating their many impacts and implications. The comprehensive shift to using digital platforms for education and healthcare provision in response to the COVID-19 emergency has made this a critical concern for all those involved in training professionals of any kind.

One area that has been substantially transformed has been how we think about, teach, and assess professionalism in a digitally-mediated world. This is articulated in the concept of ‘digital professionalism’, a key tenet of which is that “despite the many risks and fears surrounding their use, digital media are not an intrinsic threat to medical professionalism’.
Using a team-based learning approach, Dr Ellaway will guide participants through an exploration of the concepts of digital professionalism and their application in health professions education. Key issues such as professional proficiency, reputation, and responsibility will be covered through a series of worked examples. The principles of awareness,  alignment, assessment, and accountability will be used to articulate an integrated approach to applying and ensuring digital professionalism is robustly considered in the training of tomorrow’s health professionals.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

1. Understand the key issues and debates in digital professionalism in health professional education.
2. Apply concepts of digital professionalism to their own teaching, learning, and scholarly activities.

Academic Practice Lunchtime Seminar Series

These brief and informal gatherings invite a variety of topics relating to teaching and learning or academic practice.  Each session is chaired/facilitated by a presenter/facilitator from across the College community who share an aspect of learning and teaching of interest to them. 


  • to foster connection and community amongst those who teach and support learning at Trinity College Dublin
  • to encourage the sharing of challenges and successes of teaching & learning across the disciplines 
  • to promote reflection on enhancing teaching and learning, supported by colleagues
  • to cultivate a lively exchange among participants
  • to facilitate collaborative inquiry of best practice and scholarly research in teaching and learning amongst new and experienced faculty/staff

If you have an idea for a lunchtime seminar that you would like to present to your colleagues, or a conversation that you would like to lead in the area of teaching and learning, please contact


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