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Teaching, Learning & Assessment under Covid-19 - (Centre for Academic Practice, TTL)

Queries on designing real-time exam questions?

Academic Practice are hosting three Drop in Q&A sessions this week on Designing questions for real-time online exams.

If you have any specific questions on repurposing a question for a real-time exam context please use the forms below which will enable us to address your question from the correct perspective.  You can also request a call back and we can contact you to arrange an online meeting.

If you use MS Teams please submit your question by clicking on this link :Microsoft Forms 365

If you do not use MS Teams, please submit your question by clicking on this link: CAPSL Website

These forms are for staff from Trinity College Dublin only.  We will not be able to acknowledge any queries coming from outside of the institution.  

Please note that our range of resources to assist teaching, learning and assessment in the context of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is available at: