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General Inclusion

Teaching for Inclusion in Higher Education: A Guide to Practice: This guide is aimed at academic staff who wish to improve their teaching and enhancing student inclusion, success and learning.

University of Strathclyde: Teachability: promotes the creation of an Accessible Curriculum For Students With Disabilities through making freely available informative publications for academic staff.

Open University: Making Your Teaching Inclusive: Offers practical guidelines and advice regarding inclusive teaching, particularly focusing on the needs of students with disabilities. Includes audio-visual testimonies from staff and students.

Monash University: Inclusive Teaching Practices: offers inclusive teaching strategies, by teaching staff, to support students with learning disabilities or mental health conditions so they have equitable access to the learning environment.

International students studying in the UK - Guidance for UK higher education providers (pdf, 367kb): Guidelines document that follows the International student experience from pre-application to graduation and departure. Whilst developed for a UK audience, there is much that is relevant in the Irish context.


Guidelines for Specific Teaching and Assessment Tasks

LearnHigher Guides for Staff: Includes resources on twenty areas of teaching and assessment. For example, academic writing, assessment, critical thinking etc.


Inclusive Assessments

SHU: Accessible Assessments: Sheffield Hallam University gives practical support to g academic staff in the design and delivery of inclusive academic assessments.


Inclusive Events

Accessible Events from TechDis gives practical guidelines to the creation of accessible events.


Accessible Information

Inclusive use of IT

Jisc TechDis: is a leading educational advisory service, working across the UK, in the fields of accessibility and inclusion. They provide expert advice and guidance on the inclusive use of technology.

NCDAE Tips and Tools: Microsoft Word looks at strategies for enhancing Word accessibility for individuals with disabilities through the use of tools or workarounds.

Techdis accessibility essentials series for more on accessibility within MS Office and PDFs


Web Accessibilitycomputer keyboard

Centre for Universal Design

Universal Design guidelines and standards for ICT for more information on Web and IT accessibility from the Centre for Universal Design


If it’s easy to read, it’s easy to do, pretty, good, and true (pdf, 103kb)

This article from The Psychologist (Feb, 2010) argues that the print font in which information is presented can influence how information is evaluated, and even whether it is accepted as true or false. The use of clear print gives the impression that the information presented is true, and that any tasks involved will be achievable.



Centre for Universal Design is dedicated to enabling the design of environments that can be accessed, understood and used regardless of age, size and ability.

AHEAD is an independent non-profit organisation working to promote full access to and participation in further and higher education for students with disabilities.


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