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Self-directed teaching and learning

A central element in higher education is self-directed learning. Self-directed learning includes any learning activities that take place outside the official programme / module contact hours. Self-directed activities include:

  • Online research,
  • Library research
  • Student initiated group work


Self-directed learning commonly take place in the student's home, or College facilities including the library or computer rooms.


Guidelines for inclusive self-directed teaching

  • Provide study skills classes

Study within third level can differ greatly to second level study, which relies on memorisation and repetition to a greater extent. Some students will enter College with an understanding of third level expectations, and well-developed study skills and strategies, but many others will not. Providing generic study skills can prove very useful for new students.


Useful topics, which new students often experience difficulties with include:

  • Notetaking,
  • Effective reading,
  • Academic writing,
  • Researching, (including referencing, using the library, finding resources),
  • Time management and organisation,
  • Third level expectations.


Student Learning and Development

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