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E-Learning and IT

E-learning refers to all teaching and assessment approaches that use technology to enhance learning. For example:


E-learning can offer value to traditional learning by adding flexibility and control. For example it can:

  • Respond to different learner preferences: by blending text based learning with audio-visual materials.
  • Aid disabled students: through assistive technologies, (e.g. digitised texts and screen reading software for visually impaired students),
  • Allow for greater access to lectures: through pod casting.
  • Provide a platform for students who are reluctant to speak out in class: through online discussion forums and wikis.


Guidelines for Ensuring Accessibility of E-Learning

Accessible Information

Ensure all electronic resources:


Availability of Equipment

  • Ensure that all e-learning can be completed satisfactorily using College IT rooms.

For Further details see Equipment Availability.


Using E-Learning

Dr. Patrick Geoghegan discusses the importance of innovation when teaching 21st century students.


Take time to complete a brief self-evaluation of your:

  • IT (2 questions)


Equipment Availability

Not all students will own their own computers or have access to the internet from home. Other students will rely on slower dial up connections when working from home.

When designing e-learning consider:

  • How much time do you expect students to spend online?
  • Does your course necessitate online access at specific times during the day?
  • Do students need to use audio equipment that may create problems in shared computer rooms?
  • If giving online assessments, consider the possibility of slower connections and IT difficulties. It may be better to avoid using timed online assessments.
Programme Co-ordinator, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
"I take into account students' possible access to machines and software at home, and make the assumption that students will only be able to access computers on campus within the time they are on campus".



The Centre for Learning Technology, CAPSL, TCD


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