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A work placement is a planned period of work-based learning or experience, where the learning outcomes are part of a module or programme of study. Work placements offer students an opportunity for vocational learning and personal development.


Student needs during placementnurse

Students may have additional needs including:

  • Needs linked to disabilities,
  • Needs arising from external care giving duties or child rearing,
  • Needs arising from child rearing,
  • Transportation needs.
  • Needs arising from social, or cultural backgrounds.


Guidelines for Inclusive Placements

  • Consider student needs when allocating placements. Considerations include:
    • location and mobility / transportation options.
    • personal background

  • Meet with students prior to placement allocation to discuss needs.
  • Encourage students to disclose any additional needs or considerations that may be relevant when allocating and working on a placement.
  • Consult with students before assigning placements to ensure their needs are met.


Further explanation:

A student with significant care giving duties for children or an ill or elderly family member may have a greater need for a placement location close to the family home than another student, and so you may wish to ensure that this student is given greater flexibility and choice when allocating placements.

A student with mobility difficulties will require a placement location that is physically accessible.

A student who owns his or her own means of transport may find certain locations accessible that will not be accessible to another student relying on public transport.


Furthermore, certain locations may prove problematic to certain students based on personal relationships. For example, a social work student may find work within a specific community setting difficult if it is frequented by many childhood friends while a nursing student may find working within a particular ward difficult if a family member is a current patient.



Take time to complete a brief self-evaluation of your:


For more Information on Placements:

Providing Work Placements for Disabled Students:A good practice Guide from the UK Department of Education and Skills.


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