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Field Trips

Field trips are educational trips to sites where students have the opportunity to observe their chosen subject outside of a classroom setting, collect samples and to conduct research.

Field trips can provide educational opportunities to students within many disciplines including geography, geology, botany, archaeology and others who study the natural or human world. There have been various studies designed to enable the organisation of more inclusive field work.


Guidelines for inclusive Field trips:

  • assess the learning environment for potential barriers,
  • assess the activities that will take place for potential barriers,

If barriers are found:

  • devise and agree adjustments to either the venue or the activities to enable participation by all,

This may include:

  • modifying selected fieldwork activities,
  • offering options regarding field work activities to suit a variety of interests, fitness levels, mobility requirements.
  • agreeing on the use of an accessible alternatives venue

If these prove difficult you may seek an alternative learning experience for the student/s affected.

  • For example: library or laboratory exercises, virtual fieldwork, a different location.


Example of inclusive practices during fieldwork:

Professor Coxon describes inclusive practices employed by Geography during field trips.


For more Information on Inclusive Field work:

Providing Fieldwork Support for Disabled Students from the Geography Discipline Network in the University of Gloucester .


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