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Induction and Orientation planning

Ensuring that orientation includes comprehensive information on supports and facilities on campus ensures that new students know where to seek advice and support, and so can prevent small difficulties becoming great difficulties during their programme of study. This can positively affect student retention and satisfaction.

Guidelines for Inclusive Induction and Orientation processes

Hold an induction event for your students regardless of whether they are entering at certificate level or doctorate level,

Ensure induction venues are:signpost

  • physically accessible
  • given to new students in advance
  • clearly sign posted.

Ensure presentation format follows:

Ensure presentation content:

  • explains all relevant information in a clear, unambiguous manner.
  • informs students of the Trinityorientation site, which gathers relevant information for new students from across the university.
  • advises students of all relevant policies and procedures in Trinity (e.g. plagiarism, schools). If your programme handbook contains this information, you can direct your students there.
  • advises students that third level is very different to the Leaving Certificate, where memorisation and repetition were central.

Further material:

  • Supply students with a map, clearly indicating all buildings they will use for classes. You can also direct your students to Trinity’s Interactive maps, where they can search for facilities, services, and buildings using the A-Z index.
  • A glossary of the most relevant terminology associated with your discipline can also be useful.

For further details see Inclusive Induction.


Take time to complete a brief self-evaluation of your:

Induction meeting checklist (Word, 409kb): for use when organising orientation events for new students.

Last updated 27 March 2018 by Trinity Inclusive Curriculum (Email).