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Written Work: What you are assessing?

Among the items written work can assess are students':

  • understanding of the course work,
  • ability to describe, evaluate, reflect on, and apply theory,
  • research skills (e.g. ability to find, evaluate, organise and synthesise resources, and report on them within an academic format),
  • ability to analyse and develop a research topic in-depth, going beyond what is taught in class,
  • English language competency (e.g. grasp of grammar and vocabulary),
  • written language competency (e.g. academic writing skills, referencing),
  • IT competency (particularly the ability to use MS Word),
  • organisational skills and time management (for students with significant external responsibilities this can be a major element of essay writing).


You may find, when reading through this list, that there are some elements assessed in written work which you do not intend to assess (e.g. is the students' ability to use MS Word a learning outcome for your module?).


Text Box: Reflective Activity:    Reflect upon what you are assessing through your assessment method; and what you intend to assess.  Is there any mismatch?  Is so, consider strategies to minimise this mismatch      :


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