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Posters measure a student's ability to synthesis information and then visually present this information.


Guidelines for Inclusive Posters

  • Ensure your students have access to the publishing and graphic software packages necessary for poster creation before setting assignments.
  • Inform students of the College Accessible Information Policy, and encourage compliance.

Guidelines for creating accessible Posters

Background Colour

  • Ensure a good colour contrast between text and background while avoiding black on bleached white.
  • Avoid a background colour that transitions over the panel from light to dark since it will reduce the contrast between some of the text and the background.
  • Avoid the use of background imagery behind text as this can be difficult to read.

Choosing Fonts

  • Use an accessible sans serif font (e.g. Arial, Verdana, Calibri).
  • Make sure font size makes your poster easily readable from afar.
  • Use the same font size throughout except for titles and headings (which can be larger) and for references (which can be smaller).
  • Avoid unnecessary changes in font style, and use bold for emphasis.

Use of Graphics

  • Ensure all graphs are clear and understandable.
  • Use bright, contrasting lines and symbols to ensure accessibility.

Use of Pictures
Do not over crowd with pictures. Use imagery to reinforce, and not solely as decoration.

Two-minute Test
Finally, submit your poster to the “two-minute test” with friends unfamiliar with your project. Ask them if they can, after a two-minute review, grasp the basics of your project and accurately summarize your core message? >


See also:

If Posters are to be created through group work consult the TIC guidelines on group assignments.

If students will be orally presenting posters consult the TIC guidelines on presentations.



Accessible Assessments: Poster Presentations from Sheffield Hallam University

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