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Guidelines for Inclusive Teaching, Assessment, and Supervision

These pages offer clear and concise guidelines on how to enhance the inclusivity & good design of your practices.

Good design is important for everyone, enabling all to access the curriculum without barrier. For good examples of good design and how they can benefit all students please click on this link.

Inclusion Guidelines

These guides are short and simple and touch on the main activities staff can engage in to enhance inclusion.

design iconCourse Design: How to enhance inclusivity within the design of programmes and modules to ensure your teaching foundations are inclusive.



new student iconNew Students: How to enhance inclusivity within the application process and student induction / orientation to ensure prospective students make informed choices, and new students settle down easily within your programme of study.



physical environment iconPhysical Environment: How to enhance inclusivity within the teaching environment to ensure it is an effective environment for learning.



teaching iconTeaching Methods: How to enhance inclusivity within your teaching methods to ensure student engagement and effective learning.



supervision iconSupervision: How to enhance inclusivity within the supervision process to ensure research student engagement and effective learning / researching.



off campus icon Off Campus Teaching: How to ensure off campus teaching is inclusive and accessible to all.



assessments iconInclusive Assessments: How to enhance inclusivity within common assessment methods to ensure students are given the opportunity to demonstrate their attainment of learning outcomes effectively.

Senior Lecturer: Patrick Geoghegan gives his perspectives on teaching to meet the needs of all students.

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