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Guidelines for Accessible Web Design / Maintenance

 It is essential to ensure that your websites are accessible in order to provide equal access and equal opportunity to all staff and students.

When designing / maintaining websites ensure you:

Designing your site:internet logo

  • consider accessibility from the very beginning,
  • use consistent navigation.
  • use a range of media on your webpages,
  • seek feedback from users regarding accessibility.

For more see Web accessibility: when and why and Considerations when designing your website.


Accessibility Testing:

Do some or all of the following:

  • ask potential user who may experience problems to check your site for accessibility (e.g. visually impaired, colour blind or dyslexic users).
  • view your site through a text reader,
  • view your site with a screen reader,
  • view the site under different conditions (e.g. using different web browsers),
  • run an automatic accessibility validation tool,
  • commission an accessibility audit.

For more see Accessibility testing.


Everyday Web Maintenance:


Imagesdecorative image of PC health check

  • include alt text for images and AV,
  • use longdesc for more complex images and AV.

Colour contrast

  • avoid pure black on pure white,
  • avoid navigation that relies on colour (e.g. click green button for yes, red for no).


  • apply headings consistently,
  • do not skip heading levels.

Tables and forms

  • format to be accessible.


  • make hyperlinks meaningful (more than 'click here).
  • regularly review your hyperlinks and fix any that are broken.

For more see Ongoing development and everyday maintenance.


Useful Links

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