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Podcasts and Presentations

Podcast Presentations

On December 2nd 2009 Simon Ball from TechDis, the UK's leading experts in accessible information and inclusive technology came to College to give three workshop sessions:

Session 1: Everyday accessibility: using Microsoft Office and PDFs (86.4mb)

Demonstrates some simple techniques that everyone can apply in their daily practice when working with MS Office and PDFs to enhance accessibility for a wide range of users. 


Session 2: Achievable technology: making teaching more inclusive using simple technology (69mb)

Demonstrates a range of free and user-friendly technologies that can be employed to make your teaching more accessible and inclusive such as pod casting and screen capture.


Session 3: Accessibility: Roles and Responsibilities - whose job is it anyway? (76.4mb)

Explores the responsibilities of a range of roles across the College in terms of inclusive practice. Resources to self-evaluate accessibility and subsequently adjust policy or process will be signposted.



Clear Print Presentation (ppt, 446kb)

This brief presentation visually represents the rationale for clear print guidelines, demonstrating how text can be perceived amongst your print disabled users.


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