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Adjusting your slide content

Challenge to Accessibility:

The content of a presentation can lead to information overload. Students and staff can be lost in the terms and jargon used. This is especially true of a user with a learning difficulty who can lose the meaning of the presentation and dis-engage.


How to ensure accessible slide content:

  • Use short concise ideas and content, using bullet points and lists where appropriate.
  • When using bullet points and lists ensure every point is ended with punctuation (e.g. a Full Stop, Semi-Colon or Comma). This will enable a Visual impaired user using a screen reader to distinguish between different ideas. Without the presence of punctuation different ideas will be read as a single sentence and become confusing for the user.
  • Write no more on a slide than you would on a postcard. Ensure the text is a minimum size of 24 where possible.

Example of an over cluttered Powerpoint slide

Example of a cluttered powerpoint

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