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Checking your Presentation for Accessibility

Challenge for Accessibility:

Without a a high knowledge of accessibility ensuring your document is fully accessible can be tricky when starting off. Luckily there is a function within Microsoft office that will carry out this work for you and give feedback on what to update.

How to access the Accessibility Checker:

  • Ensure your presentation is not saved in MS Powerpoint 97-2003 format - File>Save as>Save as type - Word Document (not Powerpoint 97-2003).
  • Click>File>info
  • If the Accessibility Checker sees any potential issues, you will see a message next to the Check for Issues button.

    Inspect Document in Word 2013

  • To view and repair the issues in your file, click Check for Issues & Check Accessibility.

    Check Accessibility command in Word 2013

    Your file reappears, and the Accessibility Checker task pane shows the inspection results.

    Accessibility Checker task pane showing results of Accessibility Check

Last updated 28 February 2019 by Trinity Inclusive Curriculum (Email).