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Microsoft Powerpoint - Guidelines for Accessible Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint is widely used across College as an aid when presenting to staff and students. This section aims to help staff and students create a fully accessible presentation with easy to use tips and help.

These tips should be introduced and maintained for all presentation irrespective of who the presentation is aimed at.


When creating Ms Powerpoint Presentations ensure you:powerpoint logo

Slide Content:

  • use short concise ideas and content. Use bullet points and lists where appropriate.
  • ensure every bullet point or item in a list ends with punctuation (e.g. a Full Stop, Semi-Colon or Comma).
  • Ensure the text is a minimum size of 24.

For more see Adjusting your slide content


Slide Layout:

  • choose the slide layout appropriate for your requirements. Avoid blank slides.

For more see Adjusting your slide layout design


Background Colours:

  • choose a high colour contrast between your background and text. But avoid black on white.
  • adapt your colours to your venue (if you are familiar with the venue). It is easier to read dark coloured text on a light coloured background in a bright venue, and dark backgrounds with a text light in dark venues.
  • put text in bold if using a dark background.

For more see Appropriate Background Colours


Video and Audio Content:

  • provide a text transcript for the AV material within the notes field of the slide.

For more see Video & Audio within a Presentation

Checking the accessibility of your presentation

  • MS Powerpoint has an in-built tool to allow you check the level of accessibility of your document.

For more details see Checking your document for Accessibility

Video Tutorial: A quick guides to the Do's and Do not of PowerPoint Creation (length 4m 5s)

Presenting in an inclusive Manner

  • consider your pace. Don't speak too fast.
  • allow approximately two minutes per slide.
  • face the audience.
  • use PowerPoint to highlight key terms.
  • circulate your presentation in advance.
  • vocalise all on your PowerPoint Slides.
  • use a Microphone.

For more see how to present in an inclusive manner.


A range of accessible templates are available to download and use via the Universities identity visual resource page -

This PowerPoint template offers a suggested colour scheme and layout for Powerpoint templates. It also offers good practice guidelines so that you can adapt this template whilst ensuring accessibility.

MS PowerPoint - A checklist of good practice (Word, 401kb)

Last updated 28 February 2019 by Trinity Inclusive Curriculum (Email).