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Accessible Information 

In 2009 the College Accessible Information Policy was approved. This policy sets out a formal commitment by the College that all information should be available in an accessible format, without discrimination against those with print disabilities. Accessible information is information provided in a clear, easy to follow format.

Accessible Information is far reaching and includes printed information, web pages and presentation materials such as Powerpoint and information technology.

These pages will offer clear and concise guidelines on how to ensure your documents adhere to the Accessible Information Policy.


Accessible Information Resources

These guides are short and simple and touch on the main topics and questions staff and students have when creating print and electronic documents.

Guidelines for creating:


Video Tutorial (56s): This video give a brief introduction to accessible information in College.

Accessible information is important for everyone. It enables everyone to access the content of information resources without barriers.

See our Podcasts and Presentations for Accessible Information.

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