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About TIC

In early 2008 College received Strategic Innovation (SIF 2) funding for Trinity Inclusive Curriculum (TIC). The development of TIC was a partnership between CAPSL, access initiatives and the academic community and ran from October 1st 2008 to 2012.


TIC Objective

The objective of TIC was to mainstream inclusive principles within the entire College curricula so as to enable all students, particularly those from non-traditional learning backgrounds, to participate more fully in the academic life of College. This involved firstly identifying actual and potential barriers to teaching, learning and assessment, and linking to enabling strategies. These enabling strategies were then be introduced into the mainstream curriculum via:

  • training and awareness raising activities,
  • the introduction of online guidelines and resources to help staff create a more inclusive learning environment,
  • the introduction of a self-evaluation tool for the design and review of curriculum.

Through this tool and heightened awareness, sustainability will be achieved beyond the three year life cycle of this project.


Benefits of TIC

As inclusive curriculum design involves the creation of curricula accessible to a diverse student body it is of benefit to all students. The creation of inclusive curriculum involves reflection on, and reorganisation of, curricula so as to create clear, comprehensive, and varied teaching methods and tools. This leads to stronger third level teaching, which benefits students, staff and the institute as a whole.


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