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Summer 2019 Bursaries

Below you will find a listing of bursaries that are available for Summer 2019. It is hoped that the discipline of Botany will hold an afternoon where staff within Botany will assist UG registered students with their bursary application forms, date & time to follow.

  • Paleobotany Summer Bursary

PalAss Undergrad Research Bursaries - 8 week summer projects, link here please note deadline is 1st February 2019

  • Marine Institute's Summer Bursary Scholarship Scheme 2019

marineThe Marine Institute’s Summer Bursary Scholarship Scheme 2019 is now open for applications on the Marine Institute website The programme offers 8 to 12 weeks work experience to undergraduate students in a range of disciplines such as Marine Fisheries, Salmon Management, Aquaculture, Oceanography Instrumentation, Benthic Ecology, Chemistry and Marine Communications (engagement, education and outreach). Please note deadline is 8th February 2019.