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Prof Trevor Hodkinson

Professor Trevor Hodkinson
Department of Botany
School of Natural Sciences,
Trinity College Dublin,
Dublin2, Ireland

Tel: +353 1 8961128


I am a molecular systematist and run the Botany Molecular Laboratory. I am particularly interested in using phylogenetic and population genetic approaches in taxonomy, genetic resource activities and comparative biology. I have a specialist knowledge of grassesĀ  and forest trees with particular interest in their fungal endophytic symbionts (endophytes; see video). I also have a strong interest in genetic resource characterisation and prebreeding of forage grasses and non-food crops.

Current Research and Research Opportunities

Current projects include:
Fungal endophytes of barley
CerealPath -endophytes of wild relatives of barley and wheat
Ash dieback disease - endophytes and fungal strain variation
Molecular characterization of leaf spot disease in Escallonia
Genetic and biogeographic characterisation of perennial bioenergy grasses
Floristic studies of sevaral taxa for the Flora of Thailand project
Molecular characterisation of taxol production genes in yew (Taxus)


I teach the following modules:
Freshman (2nd Year): BY2210 Agriculture, Environment and Biotechnology; BY2204 Evolution (Coordinator)
Sophister (3rd & 4th Year): BO3107 Plant Molecular Biology (Coordinator); BO3111 Angiosperm Diversity and Systematics; BO3110 Lower Plant Diversity & Evolution; BO3109 JS Seminars, Tutorials and Workshops;  BO3108 Autumn Field Trip; BO3121 Spring Field Trip; BO4103 Plant Diversity and Conservation; BO4106 SS Seminars, Tutorials and Workshops; FB4000 Research Projects; FB4050 Tutorials in Plant Science (Coordinator); FB4060 Plant Breeding and Biotechnology (Coordinator)

MSc Biodiversity and Conservation: BD7050 Introduction to Biodiversity; BD7055 Systematics; BD7060 Practical Conservation Biology; Desk Studies and Research Projects

MSc Development Practice: DP7001 Sustainable Agriculture (Coordinator)

MSc Environmental Sciences Desk Studies and Research Projects.

Selected Publications

Peer reviewed publications:  Over 100 peer reviewed publications –details maintained at:, Google Scholar or Researchgate


Patent: Endophyte EP14182893.9

Fungal Root Endophytes
Click on image to enlarge

Edited books:

photo of book


picture of book 2


Editorial Board: Plant Ecology &  Diversity

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Last updated 23 November 2017