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Plant-Animal Interactions

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Dr Jane Stout Senior Lecturer and Research Group leader

Dr Jane Stout (Senior Lecturer, Research Group leader)

Research Profile

My research expertise is in the field of ecology, with an emphasis on human impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services. I seek to understand the processes and consequences of changes in land management and non-native species invasions, using plant-pollinator interactions as a model system. My research programme is inter-disciplinary: my own expertise covers both botanical and zoological fields, but I also collaborate widely with geographers, socio-economists, chemists and molecular biologists, both nationally and internationally.
My research addresses two main issues of global environmental significance. Firstly, pollination is a key ecosystem process without which many plants are unable to reproduce and maintain populations. There is global concern over loss of pollination services and my research informs biodiversity conservation and agriculture, both nationally and internationally. Secondly, non-native plant invasion is recognised as a significant threat to biodiversity worldwide and can cause major ecological and economic problems.

Contact details

Botany Building, School of Natural Sciences, Trinity College Dublin, D2, Ireland. Tel +353-1-896-3761 Email


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Last updated 14 July 2017