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Dr Stephanie Maria Maher

Dr Stephanie Maria Maher

I am an IRC (Irish Research Council) postdoctoral research fellow with a specific interest in wild bees, their ecology and their conservation. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology from Trinity College Dublin (2011) and a Masters degree in Wildlife Conservation from the University of Reading (2015). In 2019, I was awarded my PhD from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, where my research focussed on the nesting ecology of ground-nesting solitary bees and also explored the use of citizen science in this context. As part of my research, I designed and led the successful citizen science project; The Solitary Bee Project. After my PhD, I joined the Department of Botany in TCD as a postdoctoral researcher on the Department of Agriculture funded FARM-ECOS project, which examined the quantity and quality of biodiversity in Irish farming landscapes. In October 2019, I was awarded an IRC postdoctoral fellowship to develop my research on solitary bee nesting.

Project Supervisor: Prof. Jane Stout