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Dr Tomás Ryan

Memory Engrams

T. Ryan photo

Tomás Ryan, PhD
Assistant Professor
Phone: +353-1-8961613
Location: Room 6.09A, Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute
Ryan Lab website:


The fundamental question addressed in my group is: how is memory stored as information in the brain? Recent studies have shown that spatial memories are encoded as sparse populations of cells that are activated during learning and are necessary for the retrieval of specific memories. We refer to these cells as "memory engram cells" and the focus of my group is to understand how engram cells are able to store specific memories as information. To address this question we study memory encoding, storage, and retrieval in the mouse. We employ interdisciplinary experimental approaches, including behavioural neuroscience, optogenetics, engram labeling technology, electrophysiology, calcium imaging, and molecular genetics.


Postdoctoral Fellows:
Maurizio Pezzoli
Clara Ortega de San Luis
James O'Leary

Graduate student:
Sarah Power
Antoine Harel
Livia Autore

Lab manager:
Lydia Marks


European Research Council (ERC) 2016 Starting Grant
Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) President of Ireland Young Researcher Award (PIYRA)


Dr. Steve Ramirez - Harvard University, USA
Prof. Seth Grant - University of Edinburgh, UK
Prof. Giles Hardingham - University of Edinburgh, UK
Dr. Rene Frank - Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular of Biology (MRC-LMB), UK
Prof. Michael Rowan - Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Prof. Colm Cunningham- Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Prof. Mani Ramaswami - Trinity College Dublin, Ireland



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