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Professor Andrew Bowie

Selected Publications

Dempsey A, Keating SE, Carty M, Bowie AG. (2018) Poxviral protein E3-altered cytokine production reveals that DExD/H-box helicase 9 controls Toll-like receptor-stimulated immune responses. J Biol Chem doi: 10.1074/jbc.RA118.005089. [Epub ahead of print]

Dunphy G, Flannery SM, Almine JF, Connolly DJ, Paulus C, Jønsson KL, Jakobsen MR, Nevels MM, Bowie AG, Unterholzner L. (2018) Non-canonical Activation of the DNA Sensing Adaptor STING by ATM and IFI16 Mediates NF-κB Signaling after Nuclear DNA Damage. Molecular Cell 71(5):745-760.e5.

Bowie AG (2018) Self-RNA sentinels signal viral invasion. Nature Immunology 19(1):4-5.

Sisquella X, Ofir-Birin Y, Pimentel MA, Cheng L, Abou Karam P, Sampaio NG, Penington JS, Connolly D, Giladi T, Scicluna BJ, Sharples RA, Waltmann A, Avni D, Schwartz E, Schofield L, Porat Z, Hansen DS, Papenfuss AT, Eriksson EM, Gerlic M, Hill AF, Bowie AG, Regev-Rudzki N. (2017) Malaria parasite DNA-harbouring vesicles activate cytosolic immune sensors. Nature Communications 8(1):1985.

Brady, G., Haas, D.A., Farrell, P.F., Pichlmair, A. and Bowie, A.G. (2017) Molluscum Contagiosum Virus protein MC005 inhibits NFκB activation by targeting NEMO-regulated IKK activation. J. Virol. 91: e00545-17.

Almine, J.F., O'Hare, C.A.J., Dunphy G., Haga, I.R., Naik, R.J., Atrih, A., Connolly, D.J., Taylor, J., Kelsall, I.R., Bowie, A.G., Beard, P.M. and Unterholzner, L. (2017) IFI16 and cGAS cooperate in the activation of STING during DNA sensing in human keratinocytes Nature Communications 8: 14392.

Carroll, L., Jin, L., Mori, A., Munoz-Wolf, N., Oleszycka, E., Moran, H., Mansouri, S., McEntee, C., Lambe, E., Agger, E.M., Andersen, P., Cunningham, C., Hertzog, P., Fitzgerald, K.A., Bowie, A.G. and Lavelle, E.C. (2016) The Vaccine Adjuvant Chitosan Promotes Cellular Immunity via DNA Sensor cGAS-STING-Dependent Induction of Type I Interferons Immunity 44, 597-608.

Shirey, K.A, Lai, W., Pletneva, L.M., Patel, M., Pang, C., Kurt-Jones, E., Lipsky, M., Roger, T., Calandra, T., Tracey, K., Al Abed, Y., Bowie, A.G., Fasano, A., Dinarello, C., Gusovsky, F., Blanco, J.C.G., and Vogel S.N. (2016) Novel Strategies for Targeting Innate Immune Responses to Influenza Mucosal Immunology 9, 1173-82.

Brady, G., Haas, D.A., Farrell, P.J., Pichlmair, A and Bowie, A.G. (2015) Poxvirus protein MC132 from Molluscum Contagiosum Virus inhibits NFkappaB activation by targeting p65 for degradation. J. Virol. 89, 8406-8415.

Dempsey, A. and Bowie, A.G. (2015) Innate Immune Recognition of DNA: a recent history. Virology 479-480: 146-152

Stack, J, Doyle, S.L., Connolly, D.J., Reinert, L.S., O’Keeffe, K.M., McLoughlin, R.M., Paludan, S.R. and Bowie, A.G. (2014) TRAM is required for TLR2 endosomal signaling to type I IFN induction. J. Immunol. 193, 6090-6102.

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Gürtler, C., Carty, M., Kearney, J., Schattgen, S.A., Ding, A., Fitzgerald, K.A. and Bowie, A.G. 2014. SARM regulates CCL5 production in macrophages by promoting the recruitment of transcription factors and RNA polymerase II to the Ccl5 promoter. J. Immunol. 192, 4821-4832.

Carty, M., Reinert, L., Paludan, S.R. & Bowie, A.G. 2014. Innate antiviral signalling in the central nervous system. Trends Immunol. 35, 79-87.

Stack, J., Hurst, T.P., Flannery, S.M., Brennan, K., Rupp, S., Oda, S-I., Khan, A.R. and Bowie, A.G. 2013. Poxviral Protein A52 Stimulates p38 MAPK Activation by Causing TRAF6 Self-Association leading to TAK1 recruitment. J. Biol. Chem. 288, 33642-33653.

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