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Below is the list of peer and non peer publications from the School of Biochemistry and Immunology.

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3 non peer reviewed publications from 2014

Andreea Petrasca, Derek G. Doherty, Vδ2 T cells differentially stimulate the production of proinflammatory cytokines by dendritic cells and B cells, Medimond International Proceedings, 15th International Congress of Immunology, Milan, Italy, 22-27 August 2013, edited by Medimond s.r.l. , Monduzzi editore, 2014, pp21 - 24
Conference Paper; Published; Non Peer Reviewed; Author Profile: PETRASAN

Colm Cunningham, "Delirium in Older Adults: Finding Order in the Disorder", , NIH, Bethesda, Maryland, USA, February, 2014, National Institute of Aging & American Geriatrics Society
Invited Talk; Presented; Non Peer Reviewed; Author Profile: CUNNINCO

Gardiner CM, Breakthroughs in understanding NK cell metabolism, Seminar Series, Stanford University, July, 2014, Prof. Peter Parham
Invited Talk; Presented; Non Peer Reviewed; Author Profile: GARDINEC