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Transition Year Programme


The School of Biochemistry and Immunology runs two separate work-experience weeks for transition year students each year, taking around 20 students each week. Students are selected from a range of schools around the country to maximise school participation. The students spend half their week in a research laboratory where they interact with students and senior researchers learning about and participating in the lab’s research. The rest of the week involves group activities with talks, quizzes and visits to scientifically relevant sites on campus.

Researchers at the TCD School of Biochemistry and Immunology are working on understanding the biochemistry of life so that we can find new cures for cancer and other diseases. Our research groups include final year undergraduate students, graduate students working towards MScs and PhDs, qualified medical doctors and vets working towards higher degrees, research associates and post-doctoral researchers, ranging in age from 20 to more than 70. The thing that connects us all is a passion for science and an interest in figuring out how the biology of life works.

The two main areas studied in the School are Biochemistry and Immunology. Biochemistry is the study of the chemical basis of life. Immunology is the study of how the immune system protects against infection and tumours.