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In Biochemistry we study the molecular basis of life. Within our School the scientific questions explored cover a wide range of topics including cancer biology, obesity, diabetes, neurobiology, neurodegeneration, autoimmunity, parasitology, immune-metabolism, protein structure and drug development. The intellectual life of the School has recently being enriched by our relocation to a state-of-the-art facility, the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute, which has enhanced interdisciplinary collaboration with colleagues in immunology, medicine, pharmacy, chemistry and neuroscience.

Biochemistry teaching and research in the School

There are currently sixteen principal investigators in the discipline of Biochemistry [PIs].Our staff offer lectures, practical classes, tutorials and research projects to (a) undergraduate students, in science, pharmacy, medicine and therapeutic radiography and (b) postgraduate taught Masters courses in Immunology, Molecular Medicine, Translational Oncology and Neuroscience. Our principal investigators are all active researchers with expertise in varying areas of biochemistry and as part of their research endeavour they train and nurture postgraduate Masters, Ph.D., M.D. and postdoctoral scientists. Our staff and their research teams are always in demand. They present their work at conferences at home and abroad and they actively participate in “outreach programs” such as the “Biomedical Frontiers lecture series” hosted by the School of Biochemistry and Immunology, Exhibitions in the Science Gallery and direct interactions with students in primary and secondary schools.

Our Biochemistry Principal Investigators have been very successful in attaining grants from well recognised bodies, such as Science Foundation Ireland, The European Science Foundation, The Health Research Board, The Wellcome Trust and their research endeavours are published in quality journals including high impact journals such as Nature, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and EMBO Journal.
Understanding the molecular basis of life through Biochemistry is deeply rewarding for those who study it and particularly for those of us lucky enough to research it.

Biochemistry staff

Dr Andrei Budanov Stress Response and Diseases
Prof Martin Caffrey Membrane Structural and Functional Biology
Dr Emma Creagh Cell Signalling in Cancer and Inflammation
Dr Colm Cunningham Neurodegeneration and CNS Inflammation
Dr Gavin Davey Neurodegeneration & Systems Biology
Dr David Finlay Immunometabolism
Dr Jerrard Hayes Glycobiology
Dr Vincent Kelly tRNA Biology
Dr Amir Khan X-Ray Crystallography
Dr Ken Hun Mok Protein Folding and Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy
Dr Anne Molloy Vitamins in one-carbon metabolism
Dr James Murray Autophagy signalling
Dr Derek Nolan Molecular Parasitology
Dr Richard Porter Energy Metabolism
Dr Tomás Ryan
Memory Engrams
Prof Clive Williams Cancer Drug Discovery
Dr Daniela Zisterer Cell death mechanisms and cancer therapeutics

Last updated 11 April 2018 (Email).