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COVID-19 Resumption of Research in TBSI Plan

Required by the Department of Health and Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation ‘Return to Work Safety Protocol'

Download the School's Resumption of Research Plan.

Updates to Plan (11/6/2020)

  • The school is amending its policies on the Delivery Bay and the Hazmat facility to include a requirement to wear a facemask while collecting goods or dropping off clinical waste until further notice. This is due to the difficulty in achieving physical distancing at all times in those particular spaces. This policy was agreed by all schools in TBSI.
  • The TBSI isolation room has been set up and is located in room B1.18 on level minus one.

COVID-19 Working in TBSI Protocol

Prior to returning to TBSI or starting as a new member of staff or PhD candidate you should complete the following 6 steps.

(1) You must complete the “COVID-19 return to work form September 2020“ and send it to Dr Darren Fayne ( Please include your name at the beginning of the saved file name.

(2) To comply with College and TBSI requirements for contact tracing purposes and also a daily declaration re COVID-19 symptoms, the School has created a minimal daily online log which takes about 20 seconds to complete and submit:
Please bookmark this page so you can access it easily and perhaps put a reminder in your calendar. This would ideally replace the various local daily logging systems that laboratory groups have been using up to now. The log only needs to be completed if you are coming into TBSI.

Before returning to TBSI for the first time you must complete two online modules in Blackboard.

(3) The College COVID-Induction module.
1. Login to Blackboard via
2. In the Module Search box, type in ‘COVID-INDUCTION’, select “ID” and click on Go.
3. Click on the Enrol button on the left side of the page. (if you can't see the Enrol button, you may need to click on the blue bar to the left of the screen to make it visible.)
4. Watch the video and submit your details.

(4) If undertaking research, you also need to complete a School of Biochemistry and Immunology specific online COVID-19 Training module available on Blackboard in module BIP77100.
It is essential that you complete and submit this COVID-19 Training prior to returning to the lab.

(5) For access to TBSI you need to send Dr Nóirín Nic a' Bháird ( your TCD staff number, TCD E-mail address, mobile number and PI so that Estates & Facilities can authorise access. The request must come from Nóirín or Derek.

(6) If you are travelling to TBSI from outside of the 5 km permitted radius please complete this Authorisation to attend work (January 2021) form and send to Dr Nóirín Nic a' Bháird (

All employees and students must do a self-test every day before coming in to work.