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MPhil in Chinese Studies

Develop the skills you need to launch your global career




Apply now for September 2020. Contact us with your application queries.

Designed for those with a global mindset, this intensive taught Master's degree in Chinese Studies offers a unique opportunity for you to engage deeply and critically with China today, and provides a solid and rigorous grounding for your career aspirations. Delivered by expert faculty as well as regular guest speakers, this programme will develop the skills necessary to succeed in an international environment. It is available as a one-year, full-time programme or a two-year, part-time programme.


  • Apply online. The deadline is 30 June 2020. Late applications may be considered on request, please email
  • For further application information please see our full guidelines here including information on course fees.

Programme at a glance

  • The programme involves six taught modules (three core, three elective) and a research project. Full-time students take three modules over two terms, the research project is prepared during the third term. Part-time students take three modules each year over two years
  • Modules are assessed through a combination of presentations and written assignments
  • The dissertation project allows you to showcase the knowledge you have gained in Chinese Studies by specialising in a particular area
  • A wide range of optional Mandarin language classes and support, catering for all students from complete beginners to advanced learners
  • Weekly lunchtime Mandarin conversation group and reading group
  • Active community of professionals, practitioners and researchers, with many China-focused extramural events running throughout the year
  • In-country or in-culture experience available through the Experience China module, delivering a four-week internship in a Chinese or China-related organisation in a Chinese-speaking country, in Europe or in Ireland.
  • Consult the full timetable here
  • Browse the course handbook here (includes full module descriptions & course regulations)

Key dates

  • Application deadline 30 June 2020
  • The induction course for all incoming M.Phil. students in Chinese Studies will be held during Freshers’ Week in September 2019, during the week beginning 2 September 2019
  • Teaching lasts for 12 weeks in two terms, Michaelmas term and Hilary term. The first teaching term, Michaelmas term, will begin on Monday 9 September 2019. The academic year runs until the end of August, the dissertation deadline is the 31st of August each year.

Entry requirements

  • Apply online. Offers are issued on a rolling basis, so it is important to apply early. The deadline is 30 June 2020Late applications may be considered on request, please email
  • For further application information please see our full guidelines here including information on course fees.
  • The M.Phil. Course Coordinator Ning Jiang and our admissions team ( are available to help you with any aspect of the application process. Please email or call us with your questions (+ 353 1 896 4282). You are also welcome to visit us in person if you are in or near Dublin during the application process.
  • You will be asked to supply the following information during your online application:
    • Details of your undergraduate degree (min. 2.1 result or international equivalent)
    • Proficiency level in English for non-native speakers who have not studied through English at undergraduate level
    • Two academic references, or one academic and one professional reference for applicants from a professional background.

Career Services

  • Trinity Careers Service provides help in identifying your ideal career path in China-related fields, and delivers tailor-made workshops and consultations.
  • Alumni have access to an exceptional network of employers across the world. Graduates from Trinity are ranked 1st in Ireland for graduate employment rate and alumni outcomes, QS 2019. 
  • The university offers a bespoke careers service for all international students and students enrolled in our taught postgraduate courses, including opportunities and pathways for graduates in Chinese Studies.
  • All international students registered at Trinity may apply for an extension to their student visa for two years, starting on the day upon which they receive their final results. This allows you to remain in Ireland and to seek full-time employment in Ireland for two years after your Master's degree - an outstanding opportunity for you to kickstart your career here.
  • Students in Chinese Studies are assigned a dedicated Careers Consultant to help you reach your full potential. You can access the full range of services and view events and vacancies by logging onto MyCareer

More information

Please contact us with your queries about the degree by emailing our admissions team at Call us on + 353 1 896 4282.


"As a Chinese student, studying Chinese Studies abroad at Trinity College Dublin was a wise choice for me. The study of the humanities and social sciences here requires not only reflection but also objective and critical thinking. Going out of China was precisely the best way for me to deepen my understanding of China"

Yang Jinlong, M.Phil. in Chinese Studies graduate (2018)

作为一个中国学生,赴海外在圣三一大学学习中国研究是我的一个明智选择。在这里对人文社科的学习不仅要求结合个人经历,并且要求客观公正的态度和挑战式的思维方式。从一个外部的角度来审视 中国,是一个最好的加深对中国理解的方式。 - 杨金龙 2018级中国研究硕士学生



"Doing the M.Phil in Chinese Studies has been one of the best experiences of my life. I was fascinated by the idea of doing Master's on such a contemporary area in a university with such history and reputation. Our department pulses with the energy of doing something ambitious, unique and new. The teaching body is made up of staff with incredible experience, some working on the newest issues in China. There is an atmosphere of expertise, care and growth."

Barbara Lecis, HubSpot, Associate Customer Support Specialist
M.Phil. in Chinese Studies graduate (2017)


Barbara Lecis 2017级中国研究硕士学生



"The M.Phil. in Chinese Studies here at Trinity College provides everything a student could wish for, an academic team always ready to help you grow, and a world of possibilities in the heart of a pulsing city! The course is structured so that students can really challenge themselves in an incredibly stimulating environment. My academic skills have developed greatly, and I have also made exceptional friends here.  The team is always available for help. I chose Trinity because it is a research-intensive university, ranked top in Ireland, and I have not been disappointed in any way. The M.Phil. in Chinese Studies offers modules about contemporary China, analyzing different aspects of this great, complex country. One of the best experiences I will ever have!"

Chiara Mastronardo, Gerson Lehrman Group, PSF Client Solutions Associate
M.Phil. in Chinese Studies graduate (2018)

“圣三一大学的中国研究硕士课程为学生们提供了他们所期待的一切。在这里,教学团队会随时给学生们提供帮助; 圣三一大学优越的地理位置,你会发现生活和学习在一个充满活力的城市中心,是有着无限的憧憬和可能性的。这个课程的学习氛围非常棒,你会发现自己在一个催人奋进的环境中,不断挑战自己。通过这个课程的学习,我的学术水平有了很多的提高,并且我在这里交到了很多特别的朋友。我之所以选择都柏林圣三一大学是因为它是一个研究型大学,科研实力很强,并且它在爱尔兰所有大学中排名第一,在全世界也非常有声望。中国研究硕士课程致力于当代中国的研究,从不同方面去学习理解这个伟大却又复杂的国家。在这里的学习经历是我人生中最棒的经历之一。”

Chiara Mastronardo中国研究硕士学生