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Career Breaks

What does it mean to have a break in your career?

It can mean a number of things, from maternity leave to sabbatical, to a 3-year unpaid break. If you are thinking about taking a break for any of these or other reasons, we have put together some information on the topic to provide tips on how best to manage your break.

Need to know which kind of break is most relevant to you? Click here for our explanation of the main career break types and how they work within College.

But what about my career?

The constantly-changing nature of SET research means that considering the idea of stepping away from it, even for a short time, can seem daunting. In reality though, career breaks are often necessary or desirable, and with the right preparation, you can minimize the impact on your career. Measures can be taken to make both the negotiation of the break and the eventual return to work as positive and straightforward as possible.

Please explore our resources for more information on:
Planning your break
Returning to work

Further reading

The Institute of Physics published a guide to Best Practice in Career Break Management which is full of practical advice and information on managing your career break. The guide is UK-based but most of the information is still relevant and useful in an Irish context. Click here to download Best Practice in Career Break Management (PDF, 324kB)


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