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How I Helped End Communism (and Save Democracy for Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin)

Date: Monday & Tuesday
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Samuel Beckett Theatre - Trinity College
Admission: €5 (student / OAP €2)

It is 2016, and best friends Avery and Jason meet on the anniversary of their trip to Poland in 1989, when they accidentally struck a major blow against the Communist Regime. In those days they were like any two twenty-one year old chancers and their main goal while at Uni is to take every free trip imaginable. After coming second at the World Debating Championships (which they managed to qualify for solely for the trip to New York), they were invited to teach debate, free speech and democracy…in Poland…behind the Iron Curtain. Thinking it would be another great adventure; they went, only to see the squalor and deprivation of Communism in its final days. As they learned about life under repression from their Polish students, Jason fell in love and began to realize that he had a duty to speak out, even if that meant upsetting his KGB handlers and putting his liberty at risk. But looking at what is happening around the world in the present day – the rise of Putin’s power, the election of Donald Trump – they wonder if what they did had any lasting meaning...