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Upcoming Conferences

19 - 20 May 2017

(Un)performable & (Un)translatable
A two day conference organised by the Trinity Centre for Literary Translation in association with the Institute of Modern Languages Research.

26 May 2017

Gender, Citizenship and Subjectivity in Revolutionary Ireland and Europe, c. 1917-1922
An international, cross-disciplinary symposium examining the manner in which ordinary, non-combatant women narrated their identities during the revolutionary period of c. 1917 - 1922 in Ireland and Europe. To be followed at 5pm by a keynote, public address by Professor Alison Fell (University of Leeds) on 'Female ‘veterans’: war service, gender and citizenship in France and Britain after the First World War'.

The symposium is sponsored by the Irish Research Council under Strand Two of its 2016 New Foundations Scheme. It is also kindly supported by the Trinity Long Room Hub Arts and Humanities Research Institute.

27 - 28 June 2017

Big Data and Medieval Studies: the Present and Future of Medieval Text Archives
The last thirty years have seen the production of numerous large archives of medieval English texts, including the Dictionary of Old English Corpus (c. 3 million words), the York-Toronto-Helsinki Parsed Corpus of Old English Prose (c. 1.4 million words), the Manchester Eleventh Century Spellings Database (c. 300,000 words), the Linguistic Atlas of Early Middle English (c. 650,000 words) and the Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse (c. 5 million words). Since each of these freestanding corpora was built for a different purpose, there is minimal interoperability, and the user must learn separate user interfaces and search protocols for each. Their extraordinary collective power as a tool for cultural, historical, literary and linguistic analyses thus remains to be exploited. Early publications using the materials produced by the Early English Books Online Text Creation Partnership (EEBO-TCP) have shown the revolutionary power of big data to reconfigure our understanding of the early modern, print past. This colloquium seeks to catalyse a similarly radical transformation in the possible methodologies for the study of the medieval period, by encouraging collaboration to increase the use and utility of existing text archives and setting a blueprint for their future development.

23 - 24 June 2017

Brian Boydell Centenary Conference
To mark his centenary, a conference will be held with a recital of his music in the Royal Irish Academy of Music, to re-evaluate his contributions to Irish musical, artistic and academic life, and their place within the wider contexts of musical, cultural and artistic developments in Ireland in the 20th century. Confirmed speakers are Professor Barra Boydell, who will give a special address, and Peter Murray, Director of the Crawford Art Gallery Cork, who will present a guest lecture on Brian Boydell’s paintings.

7 - 8 July 2017

Literary Archives in the Digital Age
A two day conference organised by the School of English.  “Literary Archives in the Digital Age” aims to gather scholars together in order to consider these changes; the conference aims both to showcase contemporary archival research and to reflect on the opportunities and challenges presented by 21st-century archival study.