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Seanad Electoral Register

The Register of Seanad Electors for the Dublin University constituency is prepared and kept in pursuance of the Electoral Act, 1923.

The Seanad Éireann Register, which is published on June 1 annually, is a list of the names, addresses and qualifications of graduates of the University of Dublin who have claimed to be registered. Registered claimants are eligible to vote in Seanad Éireann elections within in the constituency of Dublin University (DU).

The Register of Electors may be used for electoral purposes only. An Edited Register of Electors, which is also published annually, may be used for commercial purposes.

Both registers are available for consultation at the Academic Registry.

Eligibility Criteria

Every person who is a citizen of Ireland and has been admitted to a degree (other than an honorary degree) by the University of Dublin is entitled to be registered as an elector in the DU register of electors. The right to vote is not automatic; it must be claimed.

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Claim Form

The claim form which is included in the Notice of Candidature (application) pack provided to all candidates for degree conferral is available to download here.

Completed claim forms must be received by Student and Graduate Records in the University of Dublin no later than February 26 in any given year.

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Publication of Register

The publication of the Seanad Electoral Register is governed by the Seanad Electoral (University Members) Act, 1937 -2002. Every annual publication of the Register comes into effect on June 1.

Graduates may verify their inclusion in the Register at any time; the registers are available for examination at the Seanad Electoral Office.

A draft of the Register to be published on June 1, is available for inspection from January 29 onwards. Any person who is not entered in an electors list, and claims to be entitled to be registered as an elector, may send, on or before February 26 next a claim in the prescribed form to be registered.

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Update Your details

An elector may, at any time, ensure that his/her details are up-to-date by submitting a request to the Seanad Electoral Office. Further information about how to update your personal details is available here.

Unless we are informed of a change of address, voting papers will go to the address on record.


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De-registration of Electors

The name of a registered elector may be removed from the Register on the following basis:

  • on receipt of written request by a graduate to have his/her name removed
  • on receipt of notification of the death of a graduate
  • as provided by the Electoral (Amendment) Act 2001: 'after reasonable enquiry by the registration officer, whose address or the address to which the ballot paper is to be sent is unknown'. (S. 56)

De-registered graduates must submit a completed Claim Form to be included in the next edition of the Register.

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Last updated 30 January 2014 Academic Secretary (Email).