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Marking and Results


The award of marks and grades to any paper submitted by candidates for assessment and examination purposes shall be determined by reference to an agreed marking scheme, such as general grade descriptors approved by faculties, and/or detailed marking schemes for examination papers, individual questions, written or practical assignments and tests, as deemed by examiners to be appropriate to the nature of the assessment and the course of study.

The marking scale or set of grade descriptors to be used for a course and/or for each component of the overall assessment of that course must be incorporated into the relevant course, departmental or faculty examination procedures documentation, and published in course and departmental handbooks.

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College will adopt the following institutional marking scale for undergraduate degree and diploma courses with effect from the academic year 2006/07.

First 70-100%
II.1 60-69%
II.2 50-59%
III 40-49%
F1 30-39%
F2 0-29%

There will be a few exceptions to this scale, normally due to the educational norms of professional courses such as medicine. A full list of marking scales by course is available in Marking Scales in use in Faculties, Undergraduate courses - Marking Scale

Last updated 11 October 2011 Academic Secretary (Email).