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Staff Involved

Principal Investigators

Norman allot

Fabio Boylan

Dan Bradley

Yvonne Buckley

Ecology of surface waters.
Ecology, Applied Ecology


Catherine Coxon

anna davis

Ian Donohue

Prof Anna Davies
Groundwater Quality
Environmental governance, biodiversity conservation policy and politics
Ecology of communities and metacommunities, aquatic ecosystems, spatial and temporal patterns, perturbations.


laurence gill


trevor hodkinson

Innovative solutions for buildings, neighbourhoods and cities.
Environmental engineering, water management, pollution.
Water and wastewater treatment, river pollution assessment and control, assessment of carbon emissions.
Plant systematics, molecular biology, population genetics


Andrew Jackson

patrick wyse jackson

daniel kelly

Prof Celia Holland
Parasitology, public health
Ecological and evolutionary systems modelling.
Fossil and living bryozoa, geology, palaeontology, palaeoecology.
Plant evolution, tropical plant ecology.

Nicola Marples

Fraser Mitchell

carol newman

john parnell.jpg

Prof Fraser Mitchell
Behavioural and evolutionary ecology
Ecology, palaeocology
Applied microeconometric analysis of individual and household behaviour.
Higher plant taxonomy, biodiversity, conservation.

john rochford

Jane Stout

steve waldren

mike williams

Conservation biology, mammal ecology, ornithology.
Biodiversity and ecology, pollination, entomology, invasive species
Evolutionary biology, plant phenology, genetics.
Soil respiration and carbon stocks, plant cell anatomy.

jim wilson.jpg

Prof Jim Wilson      
Aquatic ecology, marine zoology.



Fellows Emeritus

mike jones

David Jeffery

Julian Reynolds


Prof David Jeffrey
Dr Julian Reynolds
Dr Paul Dowding
Climate change, carbon balance, biofuels.
Botany, ecology.
Freshwater ecology.
Botany, ecology.


Research Fellows and Associates

Ainhoa Gonzalez Del Campo

Ainhoa Gonzalez Del Campo


dave kelly

Dr Dannielle Green
Environmental planning and policy, spatial analysis, impact assessment

Responses of floral and faunal communities to physical and chemical variation in habitats

Applied fisheries biology.
Effects of human activitiens on marine biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and services.

Michael Whitfield
Bioenergy crops, soil carbon sequestration, Miscanthus.

Visiting Research Scholar

Ainhoa Gonzalez Del Campo




Ecology, Evolution & Biodiversity



Research Students

Name E-mail Research Field
Aidan Walsh    
Alwynne McGeever TCBR studentship. Quantification of tree population dynamics.
Angela Stevenson STEVENAN@TCD.IE Deep-sea ecology, cold-water corals, echinods, marine conservation
Anne Dubearnes    
Aoife Delaney Interactions between hydrology and ecology of dune slack ecosystems.
Aoife O'Rourke Biodiversity, plant-pollinator interactions, priority habitats.
Aude Perdereau Willow, disease resistance, wood formation, carbon cycle.
Brian McGuinness Population studies and epidemiological studies of Escallonia leaf spot disease
Brian Murphy   Isolation of beneficial fungal root endophytes of barley
Bryan Kennedy The use of diatoms for the classification of lakes
Daniel Adjei-Boateng Reproductive biology of African freshwater bivalves, population dynamics, production and resource allocation, sustainable exploitation.
Deirdre McClean  MCCLEADM@TCD.Ie Examination of the effects of amplified water level fluctuations on the structure and functioning of lake ecosystems
Donna Hawthorne Modelling past and future fire regimes in the Irish uplands
Eileen Diskin Environmental health, science communication

Emer Lawlor


Emer Ní Dhúill  
Eoghan O'Flaherty     
Erin Jo Tiedeken Pollination ecology, bee nutrition, secondary plant compounds, invasive alien species.
Erna King Meiofauna and free-living nematode diversity, salinity gradient effects, transitional waters and environmental quality.
Florence Hecq Effects of scale and landscape structure on pollinator diversity and the provision of ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes
Heather Rochford Biological Effects of pollution in irish coastal waters

Helder Pereira Aquatic ecology, dynamics of nutrients and algae, eutrophication, response of biological populations to water pollution.
Jennifer Brady    
Jennifer Michelle Ronan Chemical measurements for the assessment of pollution in irish Coastal waters
Kevin Healy HEALYKE@TCD.IE Linking ecological processes to community patterns using stable isotope
Laura Foley The effects of anthropogenically fixed nutrients delivered to coastal marine ecosystems via SGD on ecosystem function
Linda Daniels Marine bivalve ecophysiology, feeding competition, resource partitioning.
Lisa Egan Lagorosiphon major, wastewater treatment, biomass production
Louise Esmonde Sustainable nutrient and metal removal from domestic and industrial wastewaters using submerged macrophytes in temperate
Karen Loxton The significance of small rodents as sentinels for zoonotic parasites of human importance and vectors of parasites of domestic animals.
Marjolein Kamermanst Endemic freshwater shrimp, molecular phylogenetics, ecological and morphological divergence.
Melinda Lyons Biodiversity conservation, diversity of flora, petrifying springs.
Michelle McKeon-Bennett    
Nuria Parralejo    
Patricia Coughlan Phylogenetics of paclitaxel biosynthesis genes in Taxus baccata, Taxus hybrids and allies (yews)
Paul Egan Secondary plant compounds, invasive alien plants.
Ruby Prickett   
Sai Aojju     
Saliha Yesim Tunali Freshwater ecology, littoral macroinvertebrates, food-web ecology.
Sarah Murnaghan  MURNAGHS@TCD.IE  Modelling ecological pressures and responses in a West of Ireland lake
Sheila Greene Phosphorus-induced impairment of aquatic ecosystems: evaluating and predicting spatial differences in vulnerability and recovery
Sinead Marley Agricultural and horticultural organic chemicals; freshwater ecosystems, risk assessment
Susan Olivia Mitchell The study of gill disease of cultured Atlantic salmon.
Susannah Cass  Agroecology, biodiversity, legume crops.
Sven Batke Assessing epiphyte diversity of tropical montane forest in Honduras, Central America along altitudinal gradients - How do climate change and anthropogenic disturbances affect epiphyte diversity?
Tamara Jurca Freshwater ecology, benthic macroinvertebrates, freshwater Oligochaetes.
Vesela Evtimova Freshwater ecology, aquatic invertebrates, water-level fluctuations in lakes
Vishnu Mohanan Characterisation of lignin and cellulose formation genes in biomass
William Burchill Nitrogen fixation, Nitrous oxide, legumes, grasslands

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