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Postdocs - over the past few months we have been listening to you, hearing the unique challenges you face; the long days, competition for jobs, isolation, uncertainty and financial insecurity. You want training, but it needs to be relevant, timely, certified, focusing on achieving goals, applying skills and examining career scenarios. In response, we have developed a customised 3-day programme, to give you tools to help you successfully navigate your research, career and life.

Three Day Programme

Day 1: Design your Research Career
This introduction to design thinking methods will help you understand your research from different perspectives and it will also change the way you think about work. You will explore a variety of design techniques, but focus especially on how being aware of your own research process, work styles, mindset, and unconscious biases can help you reach your goals.

Day 2: Postdoc Toolkit
We work rapidly through the essential survival toolkit for postdocs; writing successful proposals, developing IP, leadership skills - and the most powerful tool of all – developing a growth mindset.

Day 3: The Academic Entrepreneur
Day 3 looks at possibilities beyond the lab such as starting your own company or working in industry. We meet some postdocs who talk about their own journey beyond academia, and visit their work. We also look at the personal challenges postdocs face, how they mirror entrepreneurial challenges and some self-care techniques to manage them.

The Programme runs three times per academic year: December, May, and August.

Who Should Attend

Postdoctoral Researchers who are seeking new tools to infuse creativity into their research, and who wish to explore the career opportunities available to them.


€1,000 euro pp for the 3-Day Programme.
Special rate for Trinity Postdocs – €750.


A Certificate of Completion is issued to participating postdocs.

Expression of Interest Form

If you're interested in the training and would like to know more about the programme, fill in this form and we'll get in touch.

For more information, please contact Joan Connolly on 01 896 2498 or email or fill in the expression of interest form above.