Mission & Values


Our Vision

Trinity Access 21's vision is to be a catalyst for social transformation, by supporting people to reach their full educational potential through innovation, research and advocay.


Our Mission

Trinity Access 21 is a manifestation of Trinity College's commitment to innovative educational outreach, expressed in the 'Engagement with Society' theme of the current Strategic Plan. It is a partnership of Bridge 21 and the Trinity Access Programmes to develop and disseminate engaging, innovative, insipirational educational models, grounded in research and advocacy.


Our Values

Pragmatic – a do tank!

We are pragmatists, constantly taking hands-on, practical approaches to solving problems.  We concentrate on delivering outcomes that inspire and support others to reach their full educational potential.


We believe that reflection is an essential part of the learning process.  By acknowledging our achievements and the limitations of our work, we are resilient and receptive to development and change.


We are not afraid to be disruptive when necessary – creating and implementing radical ideas and approaches to learning which have the potential to transform Irish education.


We are co-creators and co-learners with our students and other stakeholders.  We engage in a continuous learning cycle to collaboratively re-frame and develop our work and to implement necessary changes.


We engage with integrity and transparency with all our stakeholders, partnering as a network of people engaged in driving educational change.  We respect and value others and seek out their feedback, which we are committed to using responsibly.