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Student Counselling

The Student Counselling Service
The Student Counselling Service (SCS) is here to help you to manage any difficulties you are experiencing so you can enjoy and fully participate in your academic course, social life and other college activities. The SCS is a confidential, professional service available free of charge to every registered Trinity College and Marino Institute of Education student. Many students report an improved wellbeing and more enjoyment of their College experience having availed of some of the counselling support services on offer. The SCS provides a space for you to help yourself.  

Services available at the Student Counselling Services:

  • One to One Counselling Appointments
  • Workshops to help students improve self-confidence, learn about self-management and reduce stress
  • Wellbeing Groups to beat anxiety & low mood and a bereavement support group  
  • Self Help Support Groups facilitated by organisations such as Aware, Bodywhys, Console and OCD Ireland
  • Online Interactive Programmes for anxiety, low mood and eating distress issues, body image, with weekly confidential support from a counsellor and a self-help programme for monitoring your drinking. To find out more and register for the online programmes see the ‘online support options’ section of the student counselling website
  • MP3 Audio files for download on topics such as Mindfulness and Relaxation
  • Self Help Resources on a variety of issues

Students seek support from the Student Counselling Service for many reasons, including the following
Anxiety/Stress, Sadness/Depression, Relationship Issues/ sexuality, Academic Worries, Concentration/Motivation, Family Difficulties
Bereavement, Eating problems, Loneliness/Isolation, Shyness & Confidence Problems, Bullying, Substance Abuse, Suicidal Thoughts/Feelings, Exam Anxiety, Difficulties with transition into College Life/Cultural Difficulties / homesickness
Or simply to explore ways to improve their wellbeing and integration into college life
Visit the SCS website on to learn more about available services and let us know if we can help you to help yourself.

Student Counselling Service
7-9 South Leinster Street
Dublin 2

Student 2 Student (S2S)
From the moment you arrive in College right the way through to your end of year exams Student 2 Student (S2S) is here to make sure your first year is fun, engaging and a great foundation for the rest of your time in Trinity. You'll meet your two S2S mentors in Freshers' Week and they'll make sure you know other people in your course before your classes even start. They'll keep in regular touch with you throughout your first year and invite you to events on and off campus. They'll also give you useful information about your course and what to look out for. Mentors are students who have been through first year and know exactly what it feels like, so you never have to worry about asking them a question or talking to them about anything that's worrying you. S2S also offers trained Peer Supporters if you want to talk confidentially to another student or just to meet a friendly face for a coffee and a chat. Please visit our website at

Student Learning Development
Learning at University is different to learning at second-level. Student Learning Development helps you to master the new academic skills and self-directed learning needed for your success at Trinity. The supports include:
•             A website with a range of resources including podcasts, downloads and interactive workshops that provide academic support to students. Topics include time management, effective study skills, exams, academic writing, critical thinking, presentation skills and more.
•             Free workshops throughout the year on a variety of topics for students from all departments, including undergraduate and postgraduate students.
•             Individual consultations – meet with a learning advisor to discuss your study issues.
•             For more information please visit
•             Other supports for learning in College include:

The Maths Help Room, which provides informal help from Trinity students. It is located in the Maths Seminar Room, 2nd Floor, 18 Westland Row and is open on Monday-Friday, from 1-2pm.

The Programming Support Centre is available to all computer science and engineering students taking programming courses. See

English Language support is available for all TCD students for whom English is a second language, in the form of weekly English for Academic Purposes modules which focus on the types of skills necessary for successful academic writing, listening to lectures, and academic presentations. For more information please visit

Peer Learning is available in several of the modern language departments. It involves working with other students to get the most from your course to improve performance. E-mail us for further information: