Racism and Resistance

Module Code: SO7046

Module Description:

We live in a world in which racism is opposed and denied as often as it is practiced. Viewing racism and anti-racism as collective political acts rather than expressions of individual understanding or ignorance, this module examines how politicised racism and anti-racism is articulated and practiced. The module examines key sites of contemporary racist and ant-racist political activism, drawing on examples such as the Black Lives Matter movement and pro- and anti-refugee solidarity activism in Europe.
Drawing on theories of social movements as well as interrogating the rhetoric of racism and anti-racism, the module firstly examines the rationale and practices of far-right and racist movements. Anti-racist groups have faced both the articulated racism of these groups as well as a more hidden but deeply embedded racism within society, and the module examines the issues such groups face – and how they have responded to these challenges.  A key question is whether anti-racist groups have further embedded the language of race and racism in political life. The problems and possibilities of anti-racist activism are examined both with respect to theoretical discussions surrounding anti-racism and post-race, but also through critically analysing the vehicles through which anti-racism is practiced – NGOs and social movements.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion, students are expected to be able to critically:

Delivery and syllabus:

The module is delivered in 11 seminar slots consisting of a lecturing input, student participation and informal presentations. Students are expected to read before each session to facilitate discussion.

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Assessment will be in the form of module diary (30%) and essay (70%).