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Broad Curriculum Linguistics Options

BCLNG1: Language, the Individual and Society (Semester 1)

BCLNG2: Language and the Mind (Semester 2)

Coordinator: Breffni O'Rourke


Please note: you must apply for these modules online on the Broad Curriculum web page.

Language is a universal human faculty. It is also multi-faceted: we can view language as an abstract system in its own right, as a mental phenomenon, and as a social phenomenon. Conversely, the study of language can offer fascinating perspectives on the nature of the mind, society, and even history.

This course seeks to explore the main themes of the broad field of linguistics. It starts, in the first term and first week of the second term, by looking closely at conceptions, and misconceptions, that commonly arise in public conversation about language ("Language, the individual, and society"). These questions are intended to provide a context for more technical introductions to the methodology and themes of linguistics and applied linguistics: language and mind (language acquisition and processing), the "nuts and bolts" of grammar (morphology and syntax), language and meaning (semantics and pragmatics), the sounds of language (phonetics and phonology), and language variation and change (sociolinguistics, language change, the emergence and development of writing systems).




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