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Lorraine Leeson

Professor and Director of the Centre for Deaf Studies and

Director of Research

Research Interests

My key areas of interest include the linguistics and sociolinguistics of signed languages, interpreting studies, and aspects of the applied linguistics of signed languages. I was responsible for the establishment of the Signs of Ireland corpus, a multimodal corpus of Irish Sign Language annotated in ELAN: data was collected in 2004, annotated from 2004-7 and is now used in teaching and learning and in research at the Centre. I have also worked on a number of European Commission Leonardo da Vinci funded projects that look at issues of Deaf Studies, deaf education, mental health and deafness, interpreting, and signed language teaching and learning (SIGNALL II, SIGNALL 3, D-Signs, Medisigns) and I am the coordinator of the PRO-Signs project, the first European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML) funded project on signed languages. Lorraine is the founder of the CDS Monograph Series.

Selected Publications

  • Lorraine Leeson and John I. Saeed, (2012) Irish Sign Language, Edinburgh, Scotland, Edinburgh University Press.
  • Leeson, Lorraine and John I. Saeed (2012) Word Order. In Roland Pfau, Markus Steinbach and Bencie Woll (eds.), Handbook of Sign Linguistics. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.
  • Lorraine Leeson and Myriam Vermeerbergen (eds.) (2012), Working with the Deaf Community: Education, Mental Health and Interpreting, Dublin, Interesource Group Publishing.
  • Leeson, Lorraine (2012) Interpreting in Tertiary Education. In Leeson, Lorraine and Vermeerbergen, Myriam (eds) Working with the Deaf Community: Education, Mental Health and Interpreting. Dublin: Interesource Group Publishing.
  • Leeson, Lorraine (2011) "Mark My Words" The Significance of the Assessment of Sign Language Interpreters: Linguistic, Social and Political. In Brenda Nicodemus and Laurie Swabie (eds.), Essays in Interpreting Research, Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins.
  • Lorraine Leeson, Svenja Wurm and Myriam Vermeerbergen (eds.) (2011), Signed Language Interpreting: Preparation, Practice and Performance, Manchester, St. Jerome.
  • Lorraine Leeson and Haaris Sheikh (2010) Experiencing Deafhood: Snapshots from Five Nations, Dublin, Interesource Group Publishing.
  • Leeson, Lorraine and Vermeerbergen, Myriam (2010) Sign Language Interpreting. In Luc van Doorslaer and Yves Gambier (eds.), Handbook of Translation Studies, Amsterdam and Philadelphia, John Benjamins.
  • Vermeerbergen, Myriam and Lorraine Leeson (2010) European Signed Languages – Towards a Typological Snapshot. In Bernd Kortmann and Johan van der Auwera (eds.), The Field of Linguistics, Berlin, Mouton de Gruyter.
  • Vermeerbergen, M., Leeson, L. and Crasborn, O. (eds.) (2007), Simultaneity in Signed Languages, Amsterdam/Philadelphia, John Benjamins.
  • Leeson, Lorraine (2006) Signed Languages in Education in Europe – a preliminary exploration. (Preliminary Study. Languages of Education). Strasbourg: Council of Europe Language Policy Division.


I teach courses on the sign linguistics and sociolinguistics of Deaf communities, and courses in the area of translation and interpreting. I have supervised postgraduate dissertations on a range of linguistic, applied linguistic and interpreting topics.

Lorraine Leeson on the TCD Research Support System

Contact Details

Centre for Deaf Studies
Room No 120
First Floor
7 - 9 South Leinster Street
Trinity College
Dublin 2

Telephone: +353 1 896 4371



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