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Carmel Grehan
Assistant Professor, C.L.C.S.
Assistant Professor, Centre for Deaf Studies


Ms. Carmel GREHAN (M.Phil in Applied Linguistics, B.Sc., Dip. Deaf Studies) is course coordinator for the Diploma in Deaf Studies. She has research interests in gendered signing in the Irish Deaf community as well as in the area of curriculum development and teaching. Her publications include a paper on the role of gender in contemporary ISL (co-authored with Dr Lorraine Leeson) (2004), a chapter on Deaf students' access to state examinations (in McDonnell (ed.) 2004) and a research publication on poverty within the Irish Deaf Community (co-authored with John Bosco Conama) (2001). She is currently working on the development of a curriculum for signed languages that is aligned to the Council of Europe's Common European Framework of Reference for Languages as part of her work on the Leonardo da Vinci funded D-Signs project, of which she is the Irish coordinator. Ms Grehan also serves as Chairperson of the Irish Deaf Society.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Irish Sign Language in, editor(s)Hanson, Julie, Bill McGregor, Goedele De Clerck and Sam Lutalo-Kiingi (eds.) , Sign Languages of the World - A Comparative Handbook, Preston & Berlin, Ishara Press & Mouton de Gruyter, 2015, pp449 - 473, [Lorraine Leeson, John I. Saeed and Carmel Grehan] Book Chapter, 2015

Carmel Grehan, Communication Islands: The Impact of Segregation on Attitudes to ISL among Irish Deaf Women, London, UK., DCAL, 29th January , 2009 Invited Talk, 2009

Carmel Grehan and Lorraine Leeson, "A Common European Framework for Sign Language Curricula? D-Sign(ing) a Curriculum Aligned to the Common European Framework of References, 1st Symposium in Applied Sign Linguistics, Bristol, UK, September , 2009 Invited Talk, 2009

SUPERVISED: Carmel Grehan, Communication Islands: The Impact of Segregation on Attitudes to ISL among a Sample of Graduates of St. Mary's School for Deaf Girls, Trinity College Dublin, 2008 Thesis, 2008

Carmel Grehan, The Female Variation of ISL as a minority within the Irish Deaf Community, CLSLR3 workshop, Preston, UK, 10th February, 2008 Invited Talk, 2008

Carmel Grehan, Gendered signing: it's impact and implications in Irish Deaf Women., The 4th International Deaf Academics and Researchers, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, June, 2008 Invited Talk, 2008

Deaf students' views on access to public examinations at Second Level in, editor(s)McDonnell, Patrick, Deaf Studies in Ireland: An Introduction , Deaf Studies in Ireland: An Introduction, Colewell, Uk, Douglas McLean, 2004, pp50-64 , [Grehan C.] Book Chapter, 2004

To the Lexicon and Beyond: The Effect of Gender on Variation in Irish Sign Language in, editor(s)Mieke Van Hereweghe and Myriam Vemeerbergen , To the Lexicon and Beyond: Sociolinguistics in European Deaf Communities., washington DC, Gallaudet University Press, 2004, pp39 - 73, [Lorraine Leeson & Carmel Grehan] Book Chapter, 2004 URL

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Carson, L., Sadlier, L., Grehan, C., Invited talk, Language learning, teaching and assessment: A brief insight into the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, Centre for Deaf Studies Public Talk Series, Trinity College Dublin, 10 December, 2009 Invited Talk, 2009

John Bosco Conama and Carmel Grehan, Is There a Poverty in the Deaf Community? Report on the interviews of randomly selected members of the Deaf Community in Dublin to determine the extent of poverty within the Community., Irish Deaf Society, Irish Deaf Society, 2002 Book, 2002

Research Expertise


  • Title
    • D-Signs
  • Summary
    • This project aims to develop a signed language curriculum for special purpose (with a focus on learners in employment) for five signed languages, Irish, British, Czech, Cypriot and Greek signed languages. The curriculum will be linked to Common European Framework of References (CEFR), and delivered wholly online. The lead partner is Bristol University.
  • Funding Agency
    • European Commission
  • Date From
    • November 2008
  • Date To
    • October 2010
  • Title
    • Poverty in the Irish Deaf Community
  • Summary
    • The research aimed to determine by the National Ant-Poverty Strategy which makes a distinction between absolute and relative poverty. A report was published. Co-author with John Bosco Conama
  • Funding Agency
    • Combat Poverty Agency and Irish Deaf Society
  • Date From
    • January 2001
  • Date To
    • October 2001


Deaf Education; Deaf Studies; History of education; History of women's education; Irish Sign Language; Women's studies



Chairperson of Irish Deaf Society 2007 - present

Secretary/Board Director of Irish Deaf Society 2001 - 2007

Board Member of the Irish Sign Link 2005-2007

Awards and Honours

Bank of Ireland Millenium Scholarship 2001


ISL Academy 2006 – present

College Tutor 2004 – 2006