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What is the Research Support System?

The Research Support System is a web-based information system, which incorporates an expertise database. The development of the Research Support System is directed by the Dean of Research. The System has been built in-house by M.I.S. (I.S. Services), and allows members of academic staff to input and update information on their academic interests and research expertise and publications. It is administered from within the Library.

What are the Benefits?

Maximise impact, save time! The Research Support System provides:

  • A database of the University's expertise for international external bodies/collaborators to search
  • Promotion of the research of individual faculty or research groups
  • A means of creating and maintaining up-to-date publications lists
  • Automatic generation of webpages
  • A means of generating reports by College, Department, Individuals, Research Centre, for internal and external use, including inputs to the Calendar's list of publications
  • A means of avoiding repetition in the request-for / provision-of information
  • An opportunity for faculty profiles to be exported to the Expertise Ireland portal

The link to Expertise Ireland...

An important part of the Research Support System is the regular export of data to the Expertise Ireland portal (

In cooperation with the Irish Universities' Association and the Higher Education Authority, the Irish Universities, Queen’s University Belfast and University of Ulster are combining efforts, with sponsorship from Inter-Trade Ireland, to provide an All-Island Portal of Research Expertise to facilitate Industry, Business and Government in accessing university expertise. The Expertise Ireland portal was launched in July 2003. The first TCD records appeared in the portal in April 2004.
The 'Approved' box must be selected on a TCD profile in order for its details to be exported to Expertise Ireland.

Expertise Ireland

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Last Updated: 10-Sep-2007