Marisa Ronan
Research Fellow, Long Room Hub


Dr Marisa Ronan was awarded a PhD in American Studies from University College Dublin in 2009. She was awarded an MA in American Literature (2004) and a BA in Sociology and English (2003) in University College Dublin. She was a recipient of the Irish Research Council Postgraduate Scholarship (2006-2008) and was awarded the inaugural Clinton Institute Scholarship (2005-2006). Her Ph.D, "Evangelical Cultural Appropriation: Christian Fiction and the Pursuit of a New Evangelical Christianity" offered an Intellectual and literary history of American evangelicalism from the Puritan era to postmodernism.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

"Amercian Evangelicalism, Apocalypticism, and the Anthropocene" in, editor(s)Celia Deane-Drummond , Religion and the Anthroocene , EFSRE, 2016, [Marisa Ronan] Book Chapter, 2016

"The Creative City: Full STEAM Ahead". in, editor(s)James E. Doyle and Biljana Mickov , The Creative City - New European Perspectives., Ashgate Press, 2015, [Marisa Ronan] Book Chapter, 2015

Poul Holm, Joni Adamson, Hsinya Huang, Lars Kirdan, Sally Kitch, Iain McCalman, James Ogude, Marisa Ronan, Dominic Scott, Kirill Ole Thompson, Charles Travis, and Kirsten Wehner, Humanities for the Environment - a Manifesto for Research and Action, Humanities, 4, (4), 2015, p977 - 992 Journal Article, 2015 DOI

The American Century and its Evangelical Christian Fiction Legacy in, editor(s)HANS-JÜRGEN GRABBE , European Journal of American Studies , European Journal of American Studies Special Edition, 2014, [Marisa Ronan] Book Chapter, 2014

"Left Behind and Evangelical Literary Culture" in, editor(s)Crawford Gribben and Mark Sweetnam (eds) , Left Behind and the Evangelical Imagination, Sheffield Press, 2011, [Marisa Ronan] Book Chapter, 2011

Evangelical Christian Fiction: Reflections of a 'Culture in Transition in, The Journal of the British Association for American Studies, 2007, [Marisa Ronan] Book Chapter, 2007

Research Expertise


My research interests centre on a number of projects with a Marine Heritage focus, including intervention points and best practice for managing tangible and intangible marine heritage and tackling environmental challenges to coastal cultural landscapes. My current work focuses on Dublin Bay, recently designated a UNESCO biosphere the bay offers a rich tapestry for the study of maritime cultural heritage preservation, policies and governance. This research draws on multidisciplinary and participatory approaches to develop sustainable management practices for the safeguarding of marine heritage while supporting "Blue Growth" strategies. I am a core member of the COST Action, Ocean's Past Platform which aims to measure and understand the significance and value to European societies of living marine resource extraction and production to help shape the future of coasts and oceans. As part of our European Observatory for the New Human Condition I explore the relationship between religion and the environment and how systems of faith impact perceptions of climate change, human agency and scientific intervention. I also have a longterm interest in Humanities impact, policy and STEAM (STEM+Art) projects. I am a research partner in the Impact-Ev European project, the main objective of IMPACT-EV is to develop a permanent system of selection, monitoring and evaluation of the various impacts of Social Sciences and the Humanities research. We are in the process of developing indicators and standards for evaluating scientific impact of SSH research but especially, for evaluating their political and social impact.


Environmental Humanities; Humanities Impact; Marine Heritage; Religious Studies; Roma


Awards and Honours

Irish Research Council Postgraduate Scholarship 2006-2008

Clinton Institute for American Studies Inaugural PhD Scholarship 2005-2006

Irish Research Council New Ideas Award 2011-2012


European Alliance for Social Sciences and Humanities' (EASSH) October 2015 – Present

Cost Action 1403: Oceans Past Platform January 2015 – Present

European Consortium for Humanities Institutes and Centres (ECHIC) March 2015 – Present

American Society for Environmental History (ASEH) December 2015 – Present