Kangho Lee
Research Fellow, CRANN
Research Fellow, Physics

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

O'Brien, M. McEvoy, N. Hallam, T. Kim, H.-Y. Berner, N.C. Hanlon, D. Lee, K. Coleman, J.N. Duesberg, G.S., Transition metal dichalcogenide growth via close proximity precursor supply, Scientific Reports, 4, 2015, p7374 Journal Article, 2015 DOI URL TARA - Full Text

Gatensby, Riley McEvoy, Niall Lee, Kangho Hallam, Toby Berner, Nina C. Rezvani, Ehsan Winters, Sinéad O'Brien, Maria Duesberg, Georg S., Controlled synthesis of transition metal dichalcogenide thin films for electronic applications, Applied Surface Science, 297, 2014, p139-146 Journal Article, 2014 TARA - Full Text DOI

Wirtz, Christian Lee, Kangho Hallam, Toby Duesberg, Georg S., Growth optimisation of high quality graphene from ethene at low temperatures, Chemical Physics Letters, 2014 Journal Article, 2014

Nikolaos Peltekis, Shishir Kumar, Niall McEvoy, Kangho Lee, Anne Weidlich, Georg S. Duesberg, The Effect of Downstream Plasma Treatments on Graphene Surfaces, Carbon, 50, (2), 2012, p395-403 Journal Article, 2012 TARA - Full Text DOI