Kevin Feeney
Senior Research Fellow, Computer Science

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Davis, D. and Feeney, K.C., Explaining British political stability after 1832, Cliodynamics, 8, (2), 2017, p182-228 Journal Article, 2017 DOI

Turchin, P. and Currie, T.E. and Whitehouse, H. and François, P. and Feeney, K. and Mullins, D. and Hoyer, D. and Collins, C. and Grohmann, S. and Savage, P. and Mendel-Gleason, G. and Turner, E. and Dupeyron, A. and Cioni, E. and Reddish, J. and Levine, J. and Jordan, G. and Brandl, E. and Williams, A. and Cesaretti, R. and Krueger, M. and Ceccarelli, A. and Figliulo-Rosswurm, J. and Tuan, P.-J. and Peregrine, P. and Marciniak, A. and Preiser-Kapeller, J. and Kradin, N. and Korotayev, A. and Palmisano, A. and Baker, D. and Bidmead, J. and Bol, P. and Christian, D. and Cook, C. and Covey, A. and Feinman, G. and Júlíusson, à .D. and Kristinsson, A. and Miksic, J. and Mostern, R. and Petrie, C. and Rudiak-Gould, P. and ter Haar, B. and Wallace, V. and Mair, V. and Xie, L. and Baines, J. and Bridges, E. and Manning, J. and Lockhart, B. and Bogaard, A. and Spencer, C., Quantitative historical analysis uncovers a single dimension of complexity that structures global variation in human social organization, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 115, (2), 2017, pE144-E151 Journal Article, 2017 DOI

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Feeney, K. and Verma, R. and Brunner, M. and Stern, A. and Gavin, O. and O†Sullivan, D. and Brennan, R., Automated monitoring of data quality in linked data systems, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology, 482, 2016, p121-123 Journal Article, 2016 DOI

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Feeney, K.C., O'Sullivan, D., Tai, W., Brennan, R. , Improving curated web- data quality with structured harvesting and assessment, International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems, 10, (2), 2014, p35-62 Journal Article, 2014 DOI

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Rob Brennan, Kevin Feeney, Odhrán Gavin, Publishing Social Sciences Datasets as Linked Data: a Political Violence Case Study, ENRICH 2013 at SIGIR 2013, Dublin, 1 August 2013, edited by Seamus Lawless, Maristella Agosti, Paul Clough, Owen Conlon , 2013 Poster, 2013 TARA - Full Text

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John McAuley, Kevin Feeney, Dave Lewis, Ethnomethodology as an influence on community-centred design, Pragmatic Web Conference, Graz, Austria, 2 - 4 September 2009, Verlag der Technischen Universität Graz, 2009, pp706 - 714 Conference Paper, 2009 URL TARA - Full Text

David Lewis, John McAuley, Kevin Feeney, A Platform for Studying Progressive Self Management in Online Communities, Web Science Conference, Athens, Greece, 18-20 March 2009, 2009 Poster, 2009

Kevin Feeney, David Lewis, Declan O'Sullivan, Service-oriented policy management for web-application frameworks, IEEE Internet Computing Magazine, 13, (6), 2009, p39 - 48 Journal Article, 2009 DOI TARA - Full Text

Stephen Curran, Kevin Feeney, Reinhard Schaler, David Lewis, The Management of Crowdsourcing in Business Processes, 4th IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Business Driven IT Management, New York, 1st June 2009, 2009 Conference Paper, 2009 DOI

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Kevin Feeney, Dave Lewis, Kris McGlinn, Declan O'Sullivan, Anne Holohan. , Avoiding "big brother" anxiety with progressive self-management of ubiquitous computing services, International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems, Dublin, Ireland, 2008, Article No.: 47 , (Article No.: 47 ), ICST (Institute for Computer Sciences, Social-Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering) , 2008 Conference Paper, 2008 DOI

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Kevin Feeney, David Lewis, Patroklos Argyroudis, Keith Nolan and Declan O'Sullivan, Grouping Abstraction and Authority Control in Policy-based Spectrum Management, Proceedings of 2nd IEEE International Symposium on New Frontiers in Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks (DySPAN'07), 2nd IEEE International Symposium on New Frontiers in Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks (DySPAN'07), Dublin, Ireland, 17-20 April 2007, IEEE, 2007, pp363-371 Conference Paper, 2007 TARA - Full Text DOI

K. Feeney, C. Tsarouchis, D. Lewis, Policies as Signals in Collaborative Policy Engineering, Hot Topics in Autonomic Computing , Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 2007 Conference Paper, 2007

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Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Rob Brennan, Kevin Feeney, US Political Violence, 1.03, TCD, 2013 Dataset, 2013 URL

Rob Brennan, Kevin Feeney, Building and Publishing Social-Science Datasets on the Web with RDF and Linked Data , Digital & Computational Humanities - Tools & Thought, Aarhus University, 14 Nov 2013, 2013 Invited Talk, 2013

Kevin Feeney, Brendan Jennings, Joel J Fleck, Managing Federations and Cooperative Management: A Report on ManFed.Com 2011, Journal of Network and Systems Management, Springer US, 3, 2012, 143, 148 Report, 2012 DOI

Kevin Feeney, Beyond the Role Model: Organisational modelling in policy based management systems, 2003 Working Paper, 2003 URL TARA - Full Text