Concepta Merry
Lecturer in Therapeutics -Part-Time, Clinical Medicine


GLOBAL HEALTH INITIATIVES & ACTIVITIES Founder of the Réalta Global HIV/AIDS Foundation; May 2004. Funding raised to date: €3.99 million. Training Research and Community Projects through the Réalta Global HIV/AIDS Foundation. Training: Founder of the AIDS Treatment Information Centre, University of Makerere; 2004.This center now takes calls from thirteen countries in sub-Saharan Africa. This center has been awarded a grant from the Irish government to provide continuing medical education for the staff at the Irish Medical Missionaries of Mary Hospital in Kitovu Uganda. Building capacity in HIV pharmacology among Ugandan, Nigerian, South African, Zambian, Malawian, Rwandese and Irish healthcare providers. I am supervising two Ugandan and one Nigerian PhD student. Establishing a diploma in HIV medicine for African doctors working in Ireland to prepare them for their return home and providing career advice to assist these doctors to secure employment. Helping Irish doctors secure suitable employment in sub-Saharan Africa and working with the higher training authorities to ensure that their time in selected posts in Africa will receive accreditation for training. Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Academic alliance for HIV/AIDS Care and Prevention; 2002-date. Training co-ordinator and trainer in the development of an HIV/AIDS Training Course for African doctors in Ireland. 2004. Investigator on project to evaluate the role of hand-held computers in providing information to HIV healthcare providers in Uganda. Collaboration with IT departments at Trinity College Dublin and Dublin City University sponsored by the Higher Education Authority; 2004. Training programmes on the role of pharmacology in optimising management of HIV/ AIDS in Africa, Europe, North America, Australia and South America; 1999-2004 Expert advisor to Nigerian government on HIV care initiatives; 2004. Advisor on HIV post-exposure prophylaxis to NGOs, Concern and Suas; 2004. Pharmacology advisor to the International AIDS Society; 2001. Board member of Friends of Ireland Charity established by Marianne Finucane to support poverty reduction strategies in South Africa. Co-founder/board member of MEREPA a charity based in Ghana to support early childhood development. Regular contributor to the Irish Medical Times and Irish Medical News to raise awareness of issues relating to global health. In 2003, originated and delivered a series of talks for Irish GPs on "The care of non-EU patients" through the auspices of the ICGP. Organised meeting on international health at RCPI 2003

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Research Expertise


Role of pharmacology (genomics/kinetics & economics) in optimising outcomes for HIV infected individuals in the resource limited setting. Pharmacokinetics - I have established a HIV pharmacology research laboratory at the University of Makerere, Kampala and am studying the quality of generic drugs; the management of patients who are co-infected with TB and HIV or malaria and HIV; and drug dosing in pregnancy, for children and low-weight adults. I am the principal investigator on a grant from the European Commission's EDCTP for a large project with the University of Cape Town and a co-recipient of funding from the Dutch government for a project between Uganda and Rwanda thereby establishing an expert HIV pharmacology network through south-south and northsouth research collaborations. Pharmacoeconomics, Investigator on study in collaboration with the University of North Carolina evaluating the cost-effectiveness of prevention of mother-to-child transmission in Malawi. I have previously worked in Botswana on a WHO sponsored programme evaluating the cost-effectiveness of public-private partnerships to support the roll-out of antiretroviral drugs I co-ordinated the application from the University of Makerere in collaboration with Johns Hopkins and UCSF to the National Institutes of Health call for a collaborative clinical trial and prevention sites.


Role of pharmacology (genomics/kinetics & economics) in optimising outcomes for HIV infected individuals in the resource limited setting



Member, DMMC Inflammation, Immunity & Infection Principal Investigators, DMMC Principal Investigators leading research in inflammation, immunit and infection.

Member, Centre for Research into Global Disease (Proposed), This consortium combines researchers with complementary interests in globally significant infectious disease. Interests include innate immunity, immune regulation, regional immunity, immune evasiob, vaccine & adjuvant development as well as drug & target development.

Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Academic alliance for HIV/AIDS Care and Prevention 2002-date

Expert advisor to Nigerian government on HIV care initiatives 2004

Advisor on HIV post-exposure prophylaxis to NGOs, Concern and Suas 2004

Pharmacology advisor to the International AIDS Society 2001

Co-founder/board member of MEREPA a charity based in Ghana to support early childhood development.


Royal College of Physicians of Ireland 1994 – Present

Ugandan Medical Council 2005 – present

Irish Medical Council: (15444) 1992 – present

Illinois Department of Professional Regulation 1999 – 2001