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Public Engagement

AMBER, the Science Foundation Ireland funded materials science centre based at Trinity College Dublin and Trinity EngAGE, the Centre for Research in Ageing, working in collaboration with St Andrew's Resource Centre, Dublin launched their 8-week "EngAGE with Science" intergenerational community learning programme in 2015. "EngAGE with Science" brought primary school students, teachers, researchers and older people together to consider and debate developments in science. This novel project utilised AMBER's successful NanoWow curriculum as a model to demonstrate how any research institute can translate their unique research in order to build strategic partnerships, strengthen local communities, inspire students of all ages, and ensure that Ireland has the most scientifically-informed public. It was co-led by TILDA's Director of Public Engagement Sarah Bowman. "EngAGE with Science" was funded through the Science Foundation Ireland Discover programme and was highlighted as an examplar project in 2015. Learn more about the project here:

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Last updated 25 January 2016